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The project has been delivered on schedule

The budget has not been exceeded

Functionality complies with task


  • Difficulty in consolidating, locating, and retrieving huge amounts of past data and correspondence collected over the years
  • Needed a solution that allows immediate access to information in emails upon request
  • The solution must also apply mailbox management principles in the Exchange servers, thereby reducing the volume of data stored on the active exchange servers
Operationally, the company has been reporting positive results, with a simpler and faster data retrieval experience by their power users. They’ve also reported heavy email usage across human resources, payroll, legal, marketing and finance. The staff at Unicredit Bank say they have better success search rates that have allowed them to not just retrieve email, but also identify the gaps that were previously not visible. Together, with the Exchange stubbing function, the Barracuda Message Archiver has made it easier to locate both attachments and email conversations. Results
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Zero engineering risk
  • Great customer service with committed delivery
  • Simple implementation
  • Improved recovery times for VMs, files and emails
  • Reduced operation effort and engineering risk



No unified email system

Low employee productivity

High costs

Business tasks

Reduce Costs

Improve Customer Service