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The project has been delivered on schedule

The budget has not been exceeded

Functionality complies with task


  • Unreliability of environment
  • Uneven levels of demand throughout the year
  • Highly sensitive data
  • Current solution meant waiting for weeks to receive additional web encoding servers
  • New solution required the additional security needed to keep customer data safe and maintain levels of customer experience
Platinum Bank was already familiar with Barracuda, having utilized the Barracuda Email Security Gateway for cyber threat prevention. The company came to the conclusion that it needed an additional firewall solution to protect their data center. The goal was to log more information on the subnets’ inbound and outbound traffic. Platinum Bank determined that the Barracuda WAF was the right choice. Since deploying the Barracuda WAF, Platinum Bank has warded off many cyberattacks. In addition, Platinum Bank is now able to fix their own issues within five minutes, whereas their outsourced provider solution took weeks, saving a significant amount of time and money. Results
  • Increased uptime
  • Better security and more comprehensive compliance
  • Automation of new threat blockers
  • Little additional training required
  • Engineer time saved, so can be spent on improving customer experience
  • Cost effective solution



Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data

Risk or Leaks of confidential information

Risk of attacks by hackers

Risk of data loss or damage

Non-compliant with IT security requirements

Business tasks

Reduce Costs

Ensure Security and Business Continuity

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