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Challenge. Targeted social engineering attacks are the most fruitful for cyber criminals, which is why the frequency and sophistication of these types of attacks are guaranteed to increase. Guido Angelo Ingenito, Group IT Manager, TXT e-solutions is very well aware of the problems that organizations can face with social engineering attacks, which is why educating employees about the dangers is so important. Implementation. Having a security awareness training provider that delivers a wide variety of content is far less expensive than what they thought. Also, the efforts required to manage the platform are much less than what they expected. The value of having employees trained on security topics far exceeds the minimal cost of purchasing the KnowBe4 platform. TXT e-solutions even made KnowBe4’s security awareness training a requirement for all employees. And the IT has received feedback from a few of the employees within the company on the effectiveness of the simulated phishing campaigns. Now, employees come up to the IT Support Team to double check suspicious looking emails before clicking on them, which helps to more effectively block real spam sources. Results. TXT e-solutions saw a significant drop in their Phish-Prone Percentage from 17.4% to 0.7% over a period of five months. “In order to fight an ongoing threat of phishing, we have adopted the KnowBe4 security awareness platform to educate our users about phishing and anti-phishing techniques, use security protection and report suspicious activities. By doing so, we have reduced exposure to fraud and identity theft. The most effective fix to phishing is training and KnowBe4 is the right tool for it. Phishing and training campaigns have proven to be effective; we have fewer users clicking on phishing emails since the beginning. You can easily change the difficulty levels of the email campaigns for your more experienced users. KnowBe4 helps us to raise awareness of social engineering attacks. Great company; good pricing; solid training. Highly recommended.” – Azamat Uzhangaliyev Successful Outcomes
  • A drop in Phish-Prone Percentage from 17.4% to 0.7% in five months
  • KnowBe4's offerings were far less expensive than what they thought
  • Employees now come to the IT Support Team to double check suspicious looking emails before clicking on them



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