NetSuite ERP for Eastern European Software Distributor

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Eastern European Software Distributor Relies on NetSuite ERP SYSTEM REPLACED 1C:Enterprise NETSUITE PRODUCTS IMPLEMENTED NetSuite Midmarket edition  NetSuite OneWorld NetSuite Advanced Financials  NetSuite Advanced Inventory Softprom, which distributes around 40 leading software solutions across eight countries in Eastern Europe and Russia, itself relies on NetSuite's OneWorld ERP solution to help manage thousands of invoices a year and support hundreds of sales and marketing campaigns. The company provides professional services in testing, training, installation, implementation and technical support to over a thousand business customers and employs around 100 people. “Several years ago, it was seen as quite revolutionary to switch to the cloud. And yet, prior to that, we had to install several databases in each country and hire expensive software developers to customize everything to meet local language and taxation requirements. Now, with NetSuite, we have consolidated data and reliable reporting across sales, marketing, logistics and finance, for all our trading countries.” - Paul Zhdanovych, Managing Director, Softprom Financial and Sales Support Across Multiple Territories ERP VIA THE CLOUD Prior to implementing NetSuite about seven years ago, Softprom says it was limited to Russian accounting software and turned to NetSuite, which “at the time, was the only real ERP contender available via the cloud.” The reseller wanted technology to analyze and control its sales processes. LOCALIZED AND STREAMLINED ACCOUNTING Around 5,000 resellers buy from Softprom, which acts as a local distributor and systems integrator for a wide range of software, including Cisco, Autodesk, McAfee and Oracle. This means raising around 10,000 invoices a year, which all have to be customized and localized for each target market. METRICS TO INCREASE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF SALES AND MARKETING All sales and marketing campaigns are also created in NetSuite. The CRM tools help analyze the results and effectiveness of each—for about 160-180 campaigns a year—and NetSuite’s reporting capabilities support field managers in better understanding the pipeline and in working closely with end users, as well as on partner presentations and to qualify deals.



Decentralized IT systems

Low employee productivity

Unstructured data

Complex and non-transparent business processes

High costs

Business tasks

Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity

Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Support Financial Management

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