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INDUSTRY: Retail & Distribution NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 11-50 IMPLEMENTATION DATE: April 2012 TECHNOLOGY: Workbooks Business, Multi Currency Amstore is a leading Digital Media production company, servicing the corporate and entertainment markets. Amstore has evolved from a commodity manufacturer to a creative production agency with clients, re-sellers and suppliers around the world. Amstore is also a versatile company with the ability to add new products to its product range which empowers them to continue to grow in their market sector. AMSTORE BENEFITS FROM A REDUCTION OF 45 HOURS A MONTH IN ADMIN TIME Workbooks CRM manages every single part of the business With ambitious growth plans, Amstore quickly realised that they would need a new CRM system. They were previously using Sage SalesLogix and with no easy way to change or adapt the system, Amstore were looking for a CRM that could help them to grow. Marcelo Bustamante, Director at Amstore, said: “Sage served us well for the time that we used the system. The pain areas were linked to the fact that it couldn’t be adjusted to meet our needs in a cost effective or time efficient way, so we made the decision to look for a new vendor. Amstore also faced difficulty reporting. Marcelo explained, “Reporting was difficult in Crystal Reports. It is key for any business to have clear visibility of how the company is performing and it was very time-consuming and challenging for us to pull this kind of information.” Due to the nature of Amstore’s business, the company needed a CRM system to manage every single part of their business, from the sales team to the accounts department, to the artwork department through to the finance department. It needed the full spectrum of CRM and SOP functionality, as well as being effective and easy to use. Amstore found Workbooks through a Google search and they were immediately  impressed with the offering. Amstore could immediately feel tangible benefits. For instance, they have many different websites offering a wide range of products and services. The web-to-lead functionality in Workbooks has enabled Amstore to set up an enquiry form that sends contact details directly to their Workbooks CRM system, saving the Amstore employees the manual hardship of having to enter these details into the system every time they receive an enquiry. Marcelo explained, “The web-to-lead functionality is a real benefit for us. It saves at least 10-15 minutes of admin time, several times a day, spread over several people. That is quite a lot of saved minutes per day / week / month / year, and certainly frees up my sales team to spend more time selling and speaking to customers.” THE WORKBOOKS REPORTING ENGINE Another feature that has saved the Amstore team a lot of man-hours is the Workbooks reporting engine. Marcelo commented,“It is hard to imagine a day without it. It is so easy to run a report and have visibility of any area of your business.”


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No unified address book

No unified email system

Decentralized IT systems

Low quality of customer service

High costs of routine operations

No control over the state of communication channels

No support for mobile and remote users

Low quality of customer support

Customer attrition

Failure to attract new customers

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