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Once Ayalon Insurance began working with CybeReady, it was clear to Ahuvia that his staff were being tested using a very sophisticated, covert approach. “They’re doing an excellent job sending emails that are very hard to resist clicking on,” he said. The results speak for themselves. “CybeReady’s learning pages are very effective,” Ahuvia noted. “By the statistics, we can see that people are paying attention; they’re reading the material. As for their performance in the simulations, it’s definitely improving over time. We can see very clearly that people are much less likely now to click on a phishing scam than they were before we began working with CybeReady. In fact, we can see that those who used to click on almost every phishing email they received have done a complete 180—they don’t click anything now.” “Honestly, I thought they might be a bit angry if we succeeded—if they clicked on a simulation and we caught them doing something ‘wrong’,” he said. “You know, along the lines of ‘what is this, surveillance?’ But they like it. We’re getting emails from people saying that this was a great simulation; I fell for it, but it was a good one! The engagement level is remarkable.” When a real threat arrives, Ahuvia knows that Ayalon Insurance employees are now better equipped to handle it.
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