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Privalia’s customers have been growing rapidly in numbers, and the need for a robust, always-on solution led this e-commerce retailer to upgrade its Juniper network and security platforms across core data center and warehouse operations.
“The way Juniper’s system splits its data and control planes is very appealing. When we implemented policy-based forwarding on our switches, other vendors’ equipment performance dropped off sharply, whereas Juniper’s just kept working.”- Donato Diaz, IT Network Architect, Privalia
Overview Privalia is a fast growing e-commerce retailer that has attracted more than six million users since its founding in 2007. As a private shopping club, its members have access to high-end brands at bargain prices. Based in Barcelona, Spain, it has expanded its operations to include Brazil, Mexico, Italy, and Germany.
Business Challenge Privalia needed a network that would scale to support hundreds of thousands of customers simultaneously accessing its systems, with peak demands reaching up to three times that during successful sales campaigns. Privalia also wanted to upgrade its security and monitoring capabilities to give greater visibility into and control over the applications and traffic running on its network.
Business Solution Privalia evaluated and stress-tested several alternative solutions before choosing Juniper Networks as the best fit for its needs. Experts at local Juniper partner Seidor supported the upgrade, and the migration to the new platforms was completely transparent to Privalia’s customers.
Business Results What matters most to Privalia is that its customers continue to experience a service where the Web platform and e-commerce applications are always available, from any location and at any time of day, regardless of demand.
“We push the Juniper equipment well beyond its specified limits but, in over three years, we haven’t even needed to reboot it. If we were to start the project over again, we wouldn’t change anything,” said IT Network Architect Donato Diaz.
How we put it together SRX Series Firewalls High-performance network security with advanced integrated threat intelligence, delivered on the industry's most scalable and resilient platform.
EX Series High-performance carrier-class Ethernet switches for converged enterprise branch offices, campuses, and data centers, and for service provider deployments.
AppSecure Software that delivers application visibility through identification and classification from within SRX Series Services Gateways.
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Hyland places a priority on collaboration and using digital tools to serve customers better. Legacy firewall performance issues and complexity were impeding its goals.
“The advanced command-and-control botnet detection is an extra layer of security. We love that part of the SRX.”-Hitesh Patel, Security Lead, Hyland
Overview Based in Ohio, Hyland develops OnBase enterprise management software used by large healthcare providers, banks, and government agencies. A rapidly growing, increasingly global organization, Hyland needs a secure network with reliable connectivity and protection against threats that can disrupt business or compromise data.
Business Challenge The company’s firewalls couldn’t keep pace with employees’ growing use of collaboration tools, streaming media, and cloud applications. Performance issues disrupted business on a weekly basis. Managing firewall policies was labor intensive and time consuming. Hyland not only wanted to reduce the failure points to the Internet, but also strengthen its defenses against cyberattacks.
Technology Solution Hyland built a mesh VPN using SRX Series firewalls, including the SRX5400 in its data center, SRX1500 in regional offices, and SRX300 and SRX220 in local offices. Hyland manages firewall security policies using a centralized console on Junos Space Security Director. Threat intelligence is distributed to enforcement points through Security Director using Spotlight Secure Connector.
Business Results Using Juniper solutions has allowed Hyland to eliminate firewall performance disruptions, improve network availability, and reduce maintenance windows. Zone-based security and automated firewall configuration backup simplify security management, and advanced intelligence and botnet protection keep threats at bay. The 10-Gbps network will scale as the company grows.
“Using Juniper has allowed us to more reliably service partners and customers and grow as a software company. We can’t showcase our products if there are connectivity issues.”-Steven Watt, Network Administrator, Hyland
How we put it together SRX Firewall High-performance network security with advanced integrated threat intelligence, delivered on the industry’s most scalable and resilient platform.
Junos Space Security Director Security management for centralized policy control across physical and virtual SRX Series firewall services.
Spotlight Secure Integrated real-time threat intelligence to detect and block advanced threats at the firewall.
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Secure-24 tailors its hosting services to individual customer requirements. With virtual firewalls, it found it could deploy and change services faster while also reducing risk.
“With a lot of other vendors, you have to sacrifice performance for virtualization. The vSRX truly had the performance to meet our clients’ needs.”- Sean Donaldson, CTO, Secure-24
Overview Based in Michigan, Secure-24 serves multitenant customers with managed cloud, application hosting, and other mission-critical services. Network automation and security virtualization have simplified its operations across multiple data centers in two states and are critical to its business continuity and disaster recovery services.
Business Challenge The hosting company sought to reduce risk while speeding up the delivery of its mission-critical services, which it tailors to customers’ individual security and compliance requirements. While Secure-24 knew virtualization technology was likely the answer, it was apprehensive about how network performance would compare with physical firewalls.
Technology Solution Juniper vSRX, the industry’s fastest firewall, features the same performance as its SRX Series physical counterparts, with speeds that scale to 100 Gbps with 12 virtual CPUs. Secure-24 also uses Junos Space for management and Juniper’s AppSecure, a suite of threat visibility, enforcement, control, and protection tools for the vSRX.
Business Results Using Juniper solutions has allowed Secure-24 to deliver enterprise applications faster and with customized security, helping each customer quickly meet its changing compliance requirements. Automation and virtualization have given the company greater agility and competitiveness, because it can now operate more efficiently as its business continues to grow.
“Automation allows us to deploy a new customer environment in hours instead of weeks.”- Nick Ilitch, VP of Products, Secure-24
How we put it together vSRX Virtual Firewall High-performance network security in a virtual form factor with advanced, integrated threat intelligence.
Junos Space Security Director Security management for centralized policy control across physical and virtual SRX Series firewall services.
AppSecure Security suite for SRX Series Services Gateways that delivers threat visibility, enforcement, control, and protection over the network.
Junos Space SDK Development tools for creating custom analytic and management applications for the Junos Space Network Management Platform.
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