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In 2004, GEMÜ ran a trial of the Fortinet FortiGate next generation firewall against other vendors’ solutions. The performance and capabilities of the FortiGate proved to be a perfect match with the company’s evaluation criteria, and models from the range were deployed across all locations. “From the outset, the FortiGates provided the protection we needed, were very intuitive to manage, quick to learn, and straightforward in terms of interpreting their findings,” reflected Scharpfenecker. “It’s proved to be a great product line that has continued to scale and meet our needs ever since.” Today, GEMÜ relies not only on FortiGates but further leverages the comprehensive Fortinet Security Fabric through its deployment of FortiMail-VM, FortiWeb-VM, FortiSandbox, FortiAP, and FortiWifi, in conjunction with the FortiGuard Services Bundle. Having a unified console for all of its Fortinet solutions enables GEMÜ’s IT department to operate efficiently. “The team enjoys the same familiar syntax across all our different units – from small to large – it’s the same interface across everything,” noted Scharpfenecker, “And that is an enormous contributor in keeping our IT organization lean and effective.” He concluded, “We have never been disappointed by a Fortinet product. The combined set of capabilities across the entire Fortinet Security Fabric gives GEMÜ a significant security advantage. “Fortinet helps GEMÜ keep the lights on around the world!”
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