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Enerparc AG, with its headquarters in Hamburg and locations in the US and India, is an internationally active EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company in the solar industry. The Challenge Time is an especially important factor in the solar industry because there are always a large number of parties involved in the projects – from the customer and the engineers of the EPC company to suppliers to real estate agents, notaries and government agencies. To successfully complete a project, Enerparc must coordinate all activities and ensure seamless cooperation. Meanwhile, a “crossfire” of emails is not suitable for the exchange of important documents – especially since files such as blueprints exceed the file size limit of many email systems. An FTP server used in the past did not offer the necessary user comfort to enable efficient communication. The Solution After an evaluation of different solutions, Enerparc chose Citrix ShareFile for file exchange between the project parties. Because of its simple operation, it proved to be easy for all parties to use. In addition, ShareFile allowed the users to access, edit and share relevant data flexibly and regardless of location – even if they were in rubber boots at the construction site. As a result of the implementation of ShareFile, efficiency in project planning and implementation was greatly increased.
Key Benefits Thanks to the ShareFile Desktop widget, Enerparc employees were able to access data not only through browser and mobile apps but also through a normal network drive, and were able to upload files by drag and drop.
The professional encryption of the documents and configurable access rights guarantee data security. Automatic synchronization allows all employees involved in a project to access the current version of important files at all times, even in time-critical situations. When writing an email, the Outlook plugin automatically adds the attachments to the ShareFile account and creates a link where the recipient can easily download the files. That means sending even large CAD files through the standard mail environment is no problem. With the “Request a file” function, Enerparc employees can invite external partners to add files directly to a specific ShareFile folder. The fast and simple exchange of data is critical to the success of our projects. With ShareFile, we are at least twice as efficient as before and can provide all our partners with the information they need at any time.
- Nils Westermann, IT Consultant, Enerparc

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Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP produces plastics and compounds used to manufacture more than 70,000 products ranging from food packaging to clean fuels, biodegradable solvents, medical devices, and more. To meet this massive demand, the company, based in The Woodlands, Texas, employs more than 5,000 workers worldwide and jointly operates 33 manufacturing and research centers with business partners.
As an engineer in the company’s Remote Connectivity and Mobility (RCM) team, Ryan Tsamouris’ role is to make sure that employees can work efficiently and effectively regardless of geographic location, device, or time of day. To facilitate this, the RCM team needed an integrated solution that could seamlessly deliver apps, data, and services that keep the company’s manufacturing workers and office employees connected and productive.
As part of a technology lifecycle, and after a thorough product comparison, the RCM team decided to implement Citrix Workspace to meet the company’s needs.

Boosting security and increasing uptime
Today, Citrix Workspace—which includes Citrix XenMobile for device security, Citrix ShareFile for secure file sync and sharing, Citrix NetScaler for network security, and Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop for app and desktop delivery—is providing secure access to the apps and desktops employees use everywhere, from the manufacturing floor to the corporate office.
Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway and the NetScaler application delivery controller allow staff to securely access the apps and data they need from any device and any location, without worrying about disruptive downtime. NetScaler Unified Gateway secures remote access to apps and desktops, and the NetScaler application delivery controller optimizes application performance with load balancing.
And to get visibility into everything, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company is also beginning to integrate NetScaler Management and Analytics System for end-to-end network and application insight, automation, and management.
“All of this provides a layer of security and control that is proving to be very useful,” says Tsamouris. “Our critical services point to a load balancer, allowing monitoring of back-end services and providing the ability to add or remove resources without scheduling an outage.”

Improving user experience and unburdening IT staff

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company is using Citrix Workspace to empower employees to work from anywhere, on any device. Because XenMobile technology separates corporate apps and data from personal apps and data on users’ devices, employees can now work securely whenever and wherever they want.
“We no longer have to manage employees’ personal devices,” Tsamouris says. “Instead, all we have to do is provide the apps and ensure that they meet the security requirements. This greatly simplifies our mobile strategy.”

Sharing devices to cut costs

By using the XenApp solution along with XenMobile device management, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company was able to roll out a device-sharing program within its manufacturing facilities.
“For manufacturing environments with shift workers, XenMobile’s shared device mode is very useful,” Tsamouris says. “For us, it means that when one shift worker signs off, another can simply sign on to the same tablet from the Secure Hub app. They get their single sign-on; they get their apps; and they’re off to work. As a result, we’re saving money on devices and simplifying our approach to mobile management within manufacturing.”

Increasing collaboration and productivity

With the ShareFile solution, the company’s mobile workforce can access, sync, and share files from any device, at any given moment.
“The ShareFile mobile app was a big win for us because it meant our users were able to access their desktop files, network shares, and Microsoft SharePoint document libraries from the same mobile device while on the go,” Tsamouris says.
The company will soon extend its use of ShareFile technology to include encrypted email service and workflows—both of which will contribute to the increased productivity and improved collaboration employees already are experiencing.

“Citrix Workspace gives us the freedom to use all these products without having to worry about additional licensing or add-ons,” Tsamouris says. “We no longer have to decide whether we have the resources to take on a project; we already know we have the platform and the solution to support it.”
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