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ASRC Federal Reduces Investigation Time with VMware Carbon Black ASRC Federal has approximately 500 endpoints throughout the United States, and administering a variety of tools for threat protection and endpoint detection and response (EDR) has added an unnecessary complexity. Additionally, the time to detect and investigate threats was too long. VMware Black® Hosted EDR™ allowed ASRC Federal to streamline endpoint detection and response while markedly lowering their incident-closure time. Managing EDR in the cloud When ASRC Federal was evaluating EDR solutions, they focused on cloud-based offerings due to lower administrative overhead. During their evaluation, they found VMware Carbon Black to be the more sophisticated cloud-based solution with a seamless deployment. ASRC Federal’s Cyber Security Architect Brad Berkemier notes,
“Deploying the agents was so easy. And the cloud-managed model was perfect for us. Cloud was something a lot of other companies were lagging behind on. They had it on their roadmap, but VMware Carbon Black had it already in the cloud and ready for us.” The team also recognized the value of VMware Carbon Black’s customer service: “I can put a ticket in, call support and it’s just done,” says Cyber Security Engineer Sean Malhotra. “My focus stays on [what’s] important and doesn’t deviate to anything else, which is beautiful.”

Results ASRC Federal describes Carbon Black Hosted EDR as “a boon to the team,” enabling them to drastically reduce the time from threat detection to incident resolution. They can now focus on other important tasks with the confidence that their infrastructure is well protected.
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