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Ohio Living serves more than 73,000 people annually through its Ohio Living Communities and Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice. The largest notfor-profit provider of life plan communities and services in the state, Ohio Living is committed to enhancing the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of adults through caring and quality services. To further that commitment, Ohio Living continually seeks innovations in healthcare and technology and takes the data security and privacy of its residents, clients, staff and volunteers seriously. Ohio Living also has obligations to safeguard protected health information (PHI) as a covered entity under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). With its mission and obligations top of mind, Ohio Living uses Zix as its trusted email security provider. Challenges:
  • Easily secure protected health information and other sensitive data exchanged in email
  • Protect its email from evolving email threats; including malware, ransomware, phishing and business email compromise
  • Maintain a convenient archiveof email communicationfor compliance and litigationre quirements
ZixEncrypt offers policy-based email encryption to identify and encrypt email containing sensitive information in the message or attachments. Using out-of-the-box policy filters, Ohio Living can automatically encrypt PHI, financial data, and personally identifiable information. Once encrypted, the message is delivered in the most convenient method possible — without extra steps or passwords for recipients who use ZixEncrypt, through transport layer security if a secure connection is present or via a mobile-friendly secure web portal that has custom branding for Ohio Living. ZixProtect prevents email attacks from entering employee inboxes by combining a multi-filter approach with machine learning, automated traffic analysis and real-time analysts. ZixProtect detects and filters out malicious email through analysis of IP addresses, URLs and content including targeted phrases, campaign patterns and both known and zero-hour malware attacks. In addition to leading email security solutions, Zix offers exceptional support to address Ohio Living’s needs as quickly as they arise. Whether there’s a question about an email encryption policy or a concern about the latest email threat targeting non-profits or organizations focused on quality healthcare, Zix Support has technical experts and threat analysts available 24/7/365.
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