Azure Resiliency

Problems that solves

IT infrastructure consumes a lot of power

Risk of data loss or damage


Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Azure Resiliency

Azure Resiliency is a comprehensive business-continuity solution build with confidence with high availability, disaster recovery, and backup


Business continuity with data resiliency Build applications on Azure to take advantage of high availability, disaster recovery, and backup on Azure’s global network. Build redundancies at the virtual machine (VM), datacenter, and regional levels based on your business needs. And stay compliant with your country’s or region’s legal and regulatory requirements respective of the location of your data. Achieve High Availability faster in the cloud As soon as you sign up, access the tools, the infrastructure, and the guidance you need to deploy your applications in the cloud. Support your most demanding mission-critical applications to build always-available sites cost-effectively. And take advantage of an SLA of up to 99.99 percent for your virtual machines. High-availability solutions
  • Availability Zones
  • Availability sets
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS)
Easy disaster recovery and backup Azure Site Recovery, combined with geo-redundant storage, is natively available for disaster recovery. Protect against bad code, data corruption, and accidental deletion with cost-effective backup. Stay compliant with long retention times, maintain reliability through geo-replicated storage, and simplify your processes with automation. Keep your applications up and running Hear from one of our customers about their resiliency experience building on Azure. Plus, our product team talks about our commitment to delivering a service that meets the needs of your resiliency strategy. Availability Zones is a high-availability offering that protects your applications and data from datacenter failures. Availability Zones are unique physical locations within an Azure region. Each zone is made up of one or more datacenters equipped with independent power, cooling, and networking. To ensure resiliency, there’s a minimum of three separate zones in all enabled regions. The physical separation of Availability Zones within a region protects applications and data from datacenter failures. Zone-redundant services replicate your applications and data across Availability Zones to protect from single-points-of-failure. With Availability Zones, Azure offers industry best 99.99% VM uptime SLA.