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ClassFlow is a free cloud-based lesson delivery software that lets you design interactive presentations and gauge your students’ progress. ClassFlow is useful for both in-person and distance learning.


ClassFlow™ – a transformative, cloud-based classroom orchestration tool that enables teachers to create lessons, deliver interactive content across multiple devices and assess student understanding.

With ClassFlow, teachers can build and access interactive lesson plans from any web browser. In addition, ClassFlow allows teachers to foster student engagement by connecting mobile devices such as educational tablets and laptops to classroom displays and interactive whiteboards. As a result, teachers can use real-time student responses to instantly adjust any lesson plan when it matters the most – in the moment of learning.
  • Build and access interactive lessons—anytime, anywhere.  Deliver, create, and easily organize lessons from any web browser.
  • Develop lessons by seamlessly incorporating a wide variety of teaching resources and formats–video, PowerPoint® decks, documents, webpages, new content and more. Collaborate with a community of teachers by sharing lessons online.
  • Exchange ideas and information throughout the classroom by connecting interactive whiteboards, projectors or flat panels to individual student mobile devices. Deliver and interact with each part of the lesson where it’s most powerful—on an interactive classroom display or on the mobile devices in students’ hands.
  • Extend learning by sharing student work examples to provide a different perspective, address areas of confusion or dive deeper into the topic at hand.
  • Improve student results by guiding instruction when it matters most – in the moment of learning. Turn educational tablets and laptops into rich-media student response and polling tools that offer two-way communication between students and teachers.
  • Deliver digital lesson content into students’ hands for annotation, response or manipulation. Connect assessment to learning by using rich, real-time feedback to differentiate instruction based on students’ learning needs and styles. Access student responses as they occur or save results for later review and reporting.
To start building lessons, designing tests, and managing your classes, you need to create an account. Once you do this, all the features, such as interactive widgets, tests, flashcards, and more become available. You can use them to create your interactive presentation and then share it with your students. ClassFlow is the best interactive presentation software for schools and universities that can’t afford a big budget but are eager to enhance their classes and keep their students engaged.

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