FireEye Security Suite
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FireEye Security Suite



PitchFireEye Security Suite is an enterprise-grade protection to secure networks, emails and endpoints for growing mid-market organizations

Product features


FireEye Security Suite provides enterprise-grade protection to secure networks, emails and endpoints for organizations of all sizes. It defends against advanced attacks, accelerates incident response and safeguards the core business.
FireEye Security Suite is designed for organizations with 100-2000 users. It protects multiple attack vectors to break the chain of events that often leads to data loss and business disruption.

Security Suite features
FireEye Network Security, NX Edition
Secure networks with the integrated Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and detect advanced malicious network attacks such as zero-day attacks and signature-less malware.
Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) Engine
Cloud MVX engine detonates suspicious artifacts that don't match signature-based indicators and disrupts advanced malicious network attacks.
FireEye Email Security, Cloud Edition
Arrests the first line of attack by stopping viruses, spam, zero-day malware, advanced URL threats and low-volume, highly-targeted phishing attacks.
Email Sender Impersonation Detection
Blocks malware-less impersonation attacks and protects organizations from hard to detect CEO fraud scams and financial loss.
FireEye Endpoint Security, Essentials Edition
Last line of defense with an antivirus engine, behavioral analysis and machine-learning managed by a single unified agent.
Endpoint Protection Against Signature-Free Vulnerability Exploits
Ability to assess and analyze endpoint behavior to reveal and block application exploits.
FireEye solutions included in the Security Suite
  • Network Security: defend networks, data and users with today’s fastest, most reliable cyber-attack protection.
  • Endpoint Security: proactively detect, prevent and analyze known and unknown threats on any endpoint.
  • Email Security: proactively detect and stop all types ofemail-borne threats.
  • FireEye Helix: simplify, integrate and automate security operations to stop threats faster.

Problems that the product solves

Decentralization of management

Risk of lost access to data and IT systems

Risk of data loss or damage

Risk of attacks by hackers

No automated business processes

Malware infection via Internet, email, storage devices

Risk or Leaks of confidential information

Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data


Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Ensure Compliance

Centralize management

Manage Risks

Scheme of work

 Scheme of work

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User features

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Chief Information Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Chief IT Security Officer

IT Security and Risk Management

Organizational Features

Сonfidential data

Internet access is available for employees

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