GBKSOFT Software Development

Problems that solves

Shortage of inhouse software developers

Shortage of inhouse IT resources

High costs of IT personnel

Shortage of inhouse IT engineers


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity


GBKSOFT Software Development

We’re a team of skilled web developers. We outsource web and mobile development and do it on time.


We’re a team of skilled web developers. We outsource web and mobile development and do it on time. Our top goal is to deliver the best customer service and stable apps. We pay a lot of attention to specifications and planning, which allows us to deliver each project in accordance with client's expectations and within a set budget. Our Services Web Development We develop complex web applications that meet your expectations in every detail. As a web design and development company, we know how to create fast and yet powerful websites and web applications that will serve your business for years. Mobile Development User-friendly and engaging mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. We develop mobile applications for both brave startups and established enterprises that have brilliant ideas on how to reach new customers by going mobile. Design Creating Erasing boundaries between a user interface and user experience. As an application development company, we design beautiful and straightforward apps that keep users’ attention for a long time. How we work 1. We analyze the problems you face. Being business oriented, our professionals will perform business analysis and make sure to identify your pain points correctly. 2. We select technology to resolve these problems. We do a code review, identify a code debt and code’s potential for scaling and refactoring. We also assess if there is any better technology available and whether it can satisfy your needs. 3. We offer a dedicated team. It can be a full development team or just 1-2 developers. Everything depends on your goals. After all, an app that is 9-year-old requires a different treatment than the newly created software. 4. Your business runs smoothly (even without you!). As your partners, we want your business to grow as much as you do, and we are pleased to be part of this process. Our main motto is: the success of your business is our success. For this reason, after working with our team on one project, our clients usually stay with us for long. Become one of them and we’ll thrive together!