HP Elite x3
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HP Elite x3

HP Inc


PitchHP Elite x3 - device 3-in-1 for business: a combination of power of the PC with the smartphone features premium in a single stylish and reliable device

Product features


Built for business Designed from the ground up for employees committed to getting the job done wherever they happen to be, the HP Elite x3 is an exciting computing alternative tailored to today's dynamic work styles. Start a task on the go and finish it at your desk without saving, synching or restarting. Simply dock your HP Elite x3 to effortlessly switch from a handheld to a desktop experience with external display, keyboard and mouse. With HP Workspace4 or your company's application virtualization solution, your HP Elite x3 lets you access your business critical applications. Style and functionality The HP Elite x3 incorporates innovative technology advances not only in the form of its components,  but also in the new experiences it enables. Power to perform The HP Elite x3 has all the best features you expect in a mobile device, including a powerful processor,  an edge-to-edge HD display, a long-life battery, and wireless charging. Ultimate performance The HP Elite x3 is equipped with a high-performance Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 processor chipset that can effortlessly power applications traditionally reserved for PCs, along with premium smartphone features.



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