Ivanti Environment Manager

Problems that solves

Insufficient risk management

Risk of lost access to data and IT systems

High costs of routine operations

Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data


Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Manage Risks

Ensure Compliance

Ivanti Environment Manager

Ivanti Environment Manager позволяет создавать рабочее пространство пользователя исходя из контекстной политики и без потери данных.


Ivanti® Environment Manager, powered by AppSense, navigates complex and mixed Windows desktop infrastructures to deliver a consistent and portable user environment, and ensu`res a smooth voyage to Windows 10 or cloud-hosted desktops.
Achieve breakneck logon speeds and a personalized user experience, delivered by IT with calm and tranquility. Outstanding User Experience Ensure a Consistent User Workspace Reward users with a familiar workspace regardless of how their desktop is composed and delivered yet ensure conditional settings can be applied—dependent on the user’s context—to meet security and compliance mandates. Seamless Migration to Windows 10
Remove the IT complexity and user upheaval typically associated with Windows 10 migration and enable fluid movement of user settings between physical, virtual, and cloud desktops. Release the Full Power of Office 365 Deliver the ultimate Office 365 experience by roaming offline caches in non-persistent VDI and RD Session Host environments. Boost Productivity Accelerate logon times and increase productivity while liberating IT from the shackles of slow and complex desktop configuration tools, such as logon scripts or Group Policy. User Personalization
  • Automate the management of application and OS content, in real time, to remove the complexity associated with managing user profile settings.
  • Stream personal settings, on-demand, to ensure rapid logon times.
  • Easily rollback personal settings in the event of profile inconsistencies or corruption.
  • Self-service tools empower users to be self-sufficient and help reduce the burden on the IT support desk.
Policy Configuration
  • Apply desktop configuration actions simultaneously to speed up logon times.
  • Ease the strain on the logon process by setting desktop-configuration actions to apply on-demand, only when needed.
  • Complement built-in desktop configuration actions and conditions by creating custom items to cater to more complex, bespoke environments.
  • Simplify desktop configuration for IT Teams by removing the complexity of managing and maintaining logon scripts or GPO inheritance rules.
Key Feature: Contextual Policy Engine
Provide users with a tailored desktop dependent on how they log on, where they log on from, and on which device.
Context-aware conditions enable IT teams to configure custom desktop environments easily to accommodate security, compliance, and ease of use.
A set of rules can be combined easily to deliver Boolean logic without any complexity, enabling IT to satisfy any custom requirements.
Desktop configuration actions can be set to run simultaneously, to speed up processing, or consecutively, to provide different levels of dependency. This provides a simple-to-use alternative to logon scripts and GPOs, removing complexity for IT teams and improving the user experience. Where you have existing GPO settings, these can be easily imported and applied to desktops, significantly reducing your administration overhead and setup time.
Key Feature: Effortless User Migration
Simplify migration projects with Environment Manager’s unique User Personalization capabilities.
Automatically capture and roam users’ personal settings easily across distinct operating systems and between physical, virtual, and cloud-based desktops.
Built-in templates provide out-of-the-box configuration settings for a host of common applications. Self-service tools let users roll back their personal settings on a per-application or operating systemcomponent basis in the event of profile corruption or inconsistencies, to help reduce IT support calls.
Personalization Analysis Tools ease management of user settings and a web-based Personalization Operations Console empowers IT to perform multi-user operations such as deleting, creating, or editing profile setting backups.

Major Benefits
  • Deliver a superior user experience
  • Reduce the IT complexity of desktop configuration
  • Ease Windows 10 migrations
  • Enable faster adoption of cloud services
  • Provide an optimized Office 365 experience in nonpersistent desktop environments
  • Proven enterprise scalability
  • Built-in DR and failover for business continuity

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