Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients

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Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients



Ivanti® License Optimizer for Clients is a software asset management (SAM) solution that delivers clarity on what software you have – and how it’s being used – to model and improve your effective license position. Discover and inventory owned IT assets, aggregate vendor data with B2B connectors, and monitor software usage for intelligent business decision-making. Plus, you gain a broad view of how users interact with assigned software applications to ensure compliance while reducing license overspending. Discover Your IT Environment The first step in managing your IT assets is knowing what assets you have. The discovery and tracking processes in Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients identify and aggregate data on IT assets in your environment automatically, including printers and SNMP devices.
Determine assets in use and understand where you can optimize your investments. Accurate information about your owned assets delivered at the right time drives confidence in data and fosters informed decision-making. Close the Vendor Visibility Gap with B2B Connectors Eliminate spreadsheets and gain vendor visibility from the moment you acquire a new asset. Business-to-business (B2B) connectors aggregate manufacturer, vendor, and reseller data such as purchase order numbers, device types, and location mapping. Collect this information automatically from a continually growing number of connectors like Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Lexmark, Verizon, CDW, En Pointe, and more. Standardize Asset Naming with Data Normalization Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients employs a normalization and rules engine that applies standard naming conventions automatically to collected asset data and reporting fields. This eliminates reporting and management headaches associated with varied and complex vendor naming schemes. Reclaim Your Unused Software Licenses Gain visibility through software monitoring and comprehend clearly what’s in use, when it was last used, and how long it was deployed to determine appropriate reclamation processes and policies. You maximize software licenses and enable users to make license requests for authorized software. No over-spending required. Gain Control Over Software Compliance Software audits are increasingly more common. Software not purchased, maintained, or licensed correctly places organizations at risk of non-compliance. The incurred penalties and unexpected true-up costs can drain financial resources. Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients delivers detailed insight into your current software license usage so you can negotiate more favorable licensing deals, eliminate over-buying of licenses, minimize rogue purchases, and avoid fines associated with failed audits. Optimize Your Software Assets Making the most of your software assets is challenging, especially when dealing with licensing structures that are constantly changed and updated. Now you can maximize your software spend and avoid the financial risk of noncompliance by matching your usage data against license entitlements with support for the most advanced licensing regimes.

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