Medstar Solutions Regional Information Medical System (RIMS)

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Medstar Solutions Regional Information Medical System (RIMS)

Regional Information Medical System (RIMS) - a single information space for the region’s medicine.


Ukraine has a territorial multilevel system of medical care. With such an organization, one of the most important tasks is to establish interaction between medical institutions of different levels and create a unified electronic medical card for the patient. These and a number of other tasks are successfully handled by the Medstar Regional Medical Information System. The RIMS "Medstar" is intended for local health departments, medical statistics centers and allows you to quickly and efficiently automate the network of medical institutions at any regional level (district, city, region). Benefits for Health and Medical Statistics The key element of the RIMS "Medstar" is the central component, which allows for solving the following tasks:
  • Creation and management of the network structure of medical institutions;
  • Managing the patient registry in the region;
  • Managing registries of medical institutions and health workers;
  • Storage for the patient’s electronic medical record;
  • Database administration;
  • Medical classifiers (ICD-10, drugs, medical services, etc.).
The owner of such a regional system will receive comprehensive statistics and analysis on the medical processes within his network for each institution, doctor, patient. Benefits for hospitals and doctors Medical institutions, which are part of the regional network and use RIMS Medstar in their daily activities, have at their disposal a powerful tool for managing medical processes and improving the quality of services. Statistical reporting, local treatment protocols, printing recipes, referrals and consultation findings, reminders and an electronic appointment line are all simple and effective to use. Another interesting opportunity for health care facilities will be to inform the population of the region about holding the “Health Day” campaigns in health care facilities, explanatory materials during the period of epidemiological activity, and any other materials that will help improve the health of citizens in the region. Patient Interaction Thanks to a single repository, information about the patient’s health can be accessible to any medical officer who provides services to him. Electronic medical record stores all the medical records - from the appointment of a family doctor to the protocols of operations and laboratory tests. For patients, RIMS "Medstar" provides a convenient opportunity for interaction with medical institutions. Thanks to the online office, the patient can make an appointment with his doctor at a convenient time. The reminder system will inform him of the need to undergo a scheduled examination or follow the doctor’s instructions. The results of the provision of medical services will always be available for viewing in his electronic health history.

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