Problems that solves

Low employee productivity

No support for mobile and remote users


Enhance Staff Productivity

Appraise and Train Staff


An innovative and interactive classroom tool to create, engage and assess. An all-in-one solution for the use of mobile devices in education!


Upload personal content & student activities. Use pre-made content or a mix. Teach in real time to any location.

What is Nearpod?

  • PowerPoint style presentation tool that makes lessons interactive so students and teachers can connect remotely.
  • Use "pre-fab" lessons or make your own from existing PowerPoints, Google Slides or PDFs
  • Add content slides such as video, audio, VR field trips, lab simulations, websites and PDFs.
  • Add activity slides such as polls, interactive videos, games, collaboration boards, FlipGrids or quizzes.
Nearpod is an online presentation and engagement platform that allows professors and students to engage with one another, record completion and track overall participation. There are a variety of tools (quiz, draw it, virtual field trip, matching, collaborate etc.) included in the one-stop platform, and because it’s web-based, it can be accessed from anywhere. Nearpod integrates with Google Slides for those who already have their slides created in that format. Nearpod has a tiered subscription system, starting at a free level and ranging to a school-wide subscription. Each tier includes a variety of benefits, tools and the number of students who can engage increases. Depending on class size, the free tier can suffice. Nearpod allows students to connect to the presentation with a unique code. Students are not required to use any login credentials, they simply enter in their name or other identifier. This allows students to engage with the content from their device. Nearpod helps to engage learners through the various activities, which also lend themselves well to Universal Design for Learning; allowing students to engage how they prefer and in a variety of ways.

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 Scheme of work