Omilia - Conversational IVR DiaManT
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Omilia - Conversational IVR DiaManT



PitchThe DiaManT® platform provides the infrastructure and core capabilities to power an omni-channel conversational experience.

Product features


Omilia’s Dialog Management Technology is the hub for conversational care on all channels. DiaManT® can interact with users via Speech, Text, or GUI input; inbound and outbound from the IVR, Web-Chat or even from any enabled Mobile application, delivering true continuity for seamless cross-channel service in the form of Plug-Ins; omMobile®, omChat®, omIVR®. DiaManT® is home to Omilia’s deepNLU® Engine that works to extract meaning from free, unstructured language. The deepNLU® Engine makes it possible to understand customer requests and intents with human-like accuracy. Because the engine is context aware and retains memory, it is capable of running entire end-to-end conversations with customers. Omilia provides pre-packaged applications for specific verticals and languages. The DiaManT® Xpert® Packages come with a fully pre-loaded intelligent Virtual Agent providing out-of-the-box recognition and understanding of all key domain concepts. Xpert® packages come with pre-built Concept Annotation Dictionaries, Rules, and Intents for your business.

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Low quality of customer service

No automated business processes


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