Problems that solves

No support for mobile and remote users

Failure to attract new customers


Increase Customer Base


Create interactive visuals that appear right alongside you on screen as you present, for virtual presentations that engage, inspire, and teach.


With Prezi, presentations are no longer boring. They are dynamic and fun and can really grab the attention of the audience and keep them glued down to the end of the session. If used well, Prezi gives your presentation that cinematic feel no other applications can and increase audience engagement better than ever.

Prezi is a very popular online presentation platform that adds fun and creativity to the way people make and show their presentations, whether for commercial, academic, and other purposes. While other similar tools and applications use slides, videos, and animations to help users get their points across to their audience, Prezi leverages an innovative way for presenters to convey their points by zooming in and out, flying across the screen, and turning and panning at weird angles and directions among others. Instead of slides and boring animation, Prezi injects fun and creativity to your presentation by using an approach where you can build your presentation on a wide digital canvas, with each point drawn spatially and presented by zooming in and out, panning across left to right and vice versa. You have total control over the details, from font size, angles, images, etc. You basically present it the way you want it and not worry about logical sequencing or order of your points. Prezi comes with a load of templates that you could use and still give you the flexibility you need to make things interesting. Prezi is very straightforward and easy to use, even for first-time users. The tool simply doesn’t have a complicated learning curve and allows all user types to create visually appealing presentations in a way slideshows just can’t replicate. This leads to audiences understanding your points better, whether you are aiming to market your product or service or convey an important message or just to collaborate.

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 Scheme of work