SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM)
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SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM)



PitchSAP Transportation Management Consolidate orders and maximize the return on your transportation spend – with our transportation management system (TMS). Accurately forecast demand and shipment volumes to fine-tune transportation planning. Enhance freight, fleet, and logistics management. And gain real-time visibility into global and domestic shipping across all transportation modes and industries.

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Why SAP Transportation Management? Because it dramatically reduces transportation complexity – and integrates business and logistics throughout your network. With SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) you can: Use the latest technologies to streamline and integrate your transportation management processes  Provide executable transportation plans that are cost efficient and compliant with customer requirements Consolidate and optimize all shipments – inbound, outbound, domestic, and international Strategically purchase or sell freight capacity with centralized order management Improve transportation logistics to boost on-time deliveries and customer service levels Handle large volumes of transportation and logistics data for state-of-the-art analysis and planning Implementation Ensure a successful implementation and maximize your ROI with information resources that support the different phases of SAP Transportation Management – from planning and installation to operation.


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