Problems that solves

Failure to attract new customers


Enhance Competitive Ability allows users to add notes, links, contacts, images, and quotes to slides and broadcast it to the audience during presentations.


The Presenter App is a Keynote plugin, the killer-presentation software from Apple, to coordinate the updates according to each slide. The plugin will also be available for Powerpoint later on. The audience can tune in with the mobile app connected to the internet through either wifi hotspots or 3G or 4G networks.

The speaker prepares his slide deck with Keynote/Powerpoint and the Presenter App to add an extra layer of content. Each slide can have several links to related articles, images, quotes and contact information of the speaker. The speaker is in full control of the content that is displayed with his slides. The mobile app receives new content when the speaker turns to the next slide, providing the audience to listen more and type less. During the presentation one can easily engage with the content from the presentation on social media. A voice sounds a thousand times louder on Twitter and the voice of the speaker is amplified to a reach far wider than the conference building. Even after the presentation the attendees have their own summary supplemented with personal notes.

Scheme of work

 Scheme of work