Sticky Password

Problems that solves

Shortage of inhouse software developers

Shortage of inhouse IT resources

Shortage of inhouse IT engineers

High costs of IT personnel


Reduce Costs

Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Sticky Password

Stop forgetting passwords now


Log in securely. Autofill forms in a second. Use your passwords wherever you go. Be safe. Features: Remembers all your passwords, logins and more So you don't have to — you'll only need to remember one single password. Automatically fills out forms and logs you in Remembers data as you fill out forms and stores it for form filling and automatic logins. Generates superstrong passwords anytime you need Strong password generator creates and stores passwords, dashboard reports strength and reuse. Keeps your credit cards safe and ready for checkout Encrypted vault for your credit card numbers, synced to all your devices, for easy one‑click payment. Protects your private notes and other text data Keep your secrets, licenses, passport information and more in the secure vault. Lets you securely share your passwords and logins Grant, manage and remove access to your online accounts to other people, set permissions. Syncs your encrypted data across all your devices The most sync options: cloud sync & backup, local WiFi, manual offline, and no sync. Works on all your devices and supports 16 browsers Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone / iPad. Chrome, Firefox, Safari and 13 more browsers. Secures your data just like the military 2‑step verification, military‑grade AES‑256 encryption and biometric authentication. Works even on USB and memory cards Portable password manager lets you access your encrypted data even on computers that are not yours. Helps save endangered manatees With every Premium license sold a portion of the payment goes to saving manatees.