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Terrasoft bpm’online real estate

CRM system designed for commercial and residential real estate companies to manage every step of customer interactions from leads to transactions. Close more deals with bpm’online real estate!


Use bpm’online real estate to unite fragmented processes into a single path along the client journey guided through each step of the sales pipeline: from needs analysis to keys-in-hand. Monitor results on each stage to increase your performance and productivity.
  • Lead capturing 
  • Listing matching 
  • Showings 
  • Offering 
  • Closing
Commercial and residential The system has all required functionality to help both residential agencies and commercial real estate companies become more efficient in digital era. Bpm’online is applicable for any scale: starting from small firms to large enterprises. Close more deals Automate routine operations to free your time for interacting with clients and increasing your win rate. Bpm’online real estate will help you to effectively manage lead generation, drip campaigns, listing matching and showings, offerings and closings. Engaging interface that users love bpm’online real estate CRM on desktop, laptop, phone, tablet Enjoy every minute of your work with bpm’online real estate clean and easy interface. Users love the elegant design that is free from redundant information and keeps them focused on what is relevant. The system provides a consistent user experience no matter what device you use: phone, tablet or laptop. Product overview Bpm’online real estate is an integrated sales and marketing (CRM) cloud application with an extended set of tools for real estate brokers and agents to manage the entire cycle from initial request, to listing matching, negotiations and closed deals. MLS connector synchronizes listings with CRM in real time Use MLS connector to pull in available listings from the market to the system, run a search and match requests with listings in real time. bpm'online real estate helps market listings Market your listings, create drip campaigns, track performance and score leads with a comprehensive set of marketing tools. unified customer request database in bpm'online real estate CRM Never miss a request coming from a variety of sources - phone calls, emails, website and meetings - taking advantage of a unified customer request database. interface of bpm'online real estate CRM system
  • 360° client view
  • Property database
  • Listing management
  • Request processing
  • Opportunity management
  • Contract management
  • Document flow automation
  • Collaboration tools
  • Business process management
  • Knowledge management
  • Synchronization and integration
  • System designer
  • Account and contact management
Create a single database of all buyers, sellers, agents, landlords and tenants. Use bpm’online real estate to keep record of contact data, information from social media, addresses with the possibility to find them on the map right from the application. Having a complete client profile enables to build the strong and fruitful relationships. Client preferences Enrich your contact profiles with the information about property they are interested in and their preferences. Use that insights when planning the next call or mass mail to hit your clients with the best-fit offering. Data enrichment through social media Obtain additional information about your clients from Facebook or Twitter. Built-in social media integration features allow getting data from social networks at the click of a mouse. Duplicates search and merge Keep your client database accurate through identifying and eliminating duplicate records in bpm’online real estate. Take advantage of the automatic duplicate matching when creating new records. However, you can also perform a manual check or schedule the recurrent search for duplicate accounts and contacts. Interactions and communication history Always exceed clients’ expectations having a complete communication history at your fingertips. The system stores a complete history of all interactions with your client, allowing to consider interests and preferences when processing clients’ requests. Know more about your clients, use this information to evaluate the progress of your relationships and get more referrals. Customer database analytics Use bpm’online analytics tools to visualize the data and identify new opportunities. Customize dashboards in bpm’online real estate to keep an eye on the key indicators, such as types of clients, client database growth, etc.