The RangeForce CyberSkills platform

Problems that solves

No IT security guidelines

Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data

Risk or Leaks of confidential information

Shortage of inhouse IT resources

Risk of data loss or damage

Risk of attacks by hackers

Shortage of information for decision making

Poor communication and coordination among staff

Insufficient risk management


Enhance Staff Productivity

Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Support Decision Making

Ensure Compliance

Appraise and Train Staff

Manage Risks

The RangeForce CyberSkills platform

The RangeForce CyberSkills is the training platform that will immerse you in hands-on lessons that teach how to detect and respond to the latest cyber threats and system vulnerabilities.


The RangeForce CyberSkills Training Platform will immerse you in hands-on lessons that teach how to detect and respond to the latest cyber threats and system vulnerabilities. A cloud-based, on-demand, SaaS environment means no complex setup or hardware requirements. Advanced training features include attack bots that recreate real-life targeted cyberattacks, an integrated gaming engine that turns training modules into an engaging competition, a virtual teaching assistant that provides timely support and advice when needed. A comprehensive reporting dashboard quickly and accurately identifies employee skill levels and competencies.

Platform Features

  • Realistic network simulation
  • RangeForce’s simulation environment delivers advanced cyberattacks against enterprise networks that reflect real-world environments.
  • A virtual teaching assistant
  • Get timely support and advice when you need it from Virtual Teaching Assistant to master complex subject matter.
  • Attack bot
Comprehensive reporting dashboard. RangeForce delivers a single point of visibility to track your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Quantitative analysis combined with targeted training turns adequate teams into experts and builds trust and confidence across the business. Game engine. A fully integrated gaming engine that turns training lessons into engaging and dynamic learning experiences, while adding just the right amount of competition and incentives to keep things interesting. Cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service Model. The RangeForce platform is the most advanced cloud-based cyber skill training and cyber range platform. Always accessible, you don’t need to buy or manage hardware or software.

Skills Flexibility is the Key to Cyber Defense

With the increasing shortage of cybersecurity professionals, companies must deal with workforce shortfalls and subject matter expert gaps. To combat shortfalls many companies are cross-training cyber teams, transition IT personnel into security roles, or hiring graduates of the new cyber training programs. The challenge, many of these people have little or no real-life incident detection and response experience.

RangeForce Training Modules

The threat landscape is evolving at breakneck speed. Keeping your security professionals trained to deal with the latest threats is critical. The problem is that most cyber-training is focused on employees to prevent the human errors. RangeForce training modules are developed by cybersecurity experts to train cybersecurity experts. Modules follow three tracks: security operations, DevOps, and Web Applications Security (WASE). Training modules within each track move from foundational to intermediate to advanced levels. Implementing RangeForce training will improve your team’s threat detection and response effectiveness while allowing CISO’s to understand team strengths and weaknesses.

Scheme of work

 Scheme of work