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Low employee productivity

HR management

Poor communication and coordination among staff


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Totara Learn

Totara provides powerful award-winning learning and social platforms for the enterprise.


Totara Learn is the leading open-source enterprise LMS. Originally built off of the open-source Moodle platform, Totara takes learning and performance management to the next level for companies, associations, non-profits, government agencies, and healthcare organizations. Used by over 11 million learners worldwide across more than 1,400 organizations, Totara Learn is uniquely suited for corporate eLearning initiatives including employee onboarding, continued training, regulatory certifications, and succession planning.

Totara Learn is a flexible LMS solution that enables organizations to deliver learning effectively through individual learning plans which reflect your employees’ roles, training needs, and objectives. Totara provides a functionally rich learning platform which can be implemented quickly and at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.

Totara Learn Features

Hierarchies. Mirror the organizational structure at your company and use hierarchies to assign learning plans and report on specific departments or segments in your organization.
Personalized Learning Paths. Totara Learn allows you to create personalized learning paths for staff based on organizational roles and groups, providing tailored eLearning to keep employees engaged.
Performance Management. Appraisals, goals, learning plans, and 360° feedback are available to monitor and assist employees in reaching developmental goals.
Competency Frameworks. Utilize competency-based learning and performance frameworks within your learning strategy. Competencies mapped to positions, organizations, and courses will automatically appear in learning plans assigned to those positions and organizations.
Powerful Reporting. Customizable dashboards and a robust and flexible Report Builder allow you to build custom reports on course progress, learner progress, and competency achievement across your organization.
Compliance & Certification. With structured certification and recertification paths, employees can be automatically notified when training is due. Compliance reporting also makes it easy to generate reports on the compliance status of every person in your organization.
HR Integration. HR Import allows organizations to sync their existing user base into their new Totara instance, ensuring an easy transition of employee roster and accompanying user data. This allows employees to immediately begin their training programs as soon as they are hired, and further streamline the training and onboarding process in one central hub.
Badges. Badging can promote learning through healthy competition between teams or team members providing visual recognition for performance and specialization that easily demonstrates an individual or groups knowledge and skills. Badges can be assigned based on many different criteria, but common examples are assigning badges for completion of courses, groups of courses, or scoring on a test or assignment. Learning On The Go. It is fully responsive in terms of design. The User Interface adjusts seamlessly depending on the device. Mobile apps are also available through a partner network that can be extended or fully branded to be in harmony with the way your LMS looks and interacts.
Learning Plans. Learning plans that show all the learning, competencies, and objectives employees are currently working on are available. Through learning plans, learners can monitor their progress and directly access their respective online training activities. You may manage the process with approval workflows, comment boxes, and notifications. Flexible Authoring Options. Totara Learn combines instructor-led, self-paced, and social learning all in a single online training course. It is a very flexible system that permits full control over roles and permissions, course progression, group-based online training activities, and much more.

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