Touchway Presenter

Problems that solves

Poor communication and coordination among staff

Failure to attract new customers

Low employee productivity

No support for mobile and remote users


Enhance Staff Productivity

Increase Customer Base

Enhance Competitive Ability

Touchway Presenter

A fully featured Digital Signage Software that provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App, Windows and Android.


A better Way of Presenting

The Touchway Presenter allows you to create interactive presentations form your slides, videos and documents within minutes. While you can still produce your content using your favorite programs like PowerPoint, Word, InDesign. The result: Interactive multimedia presentations that are automatically updated and distributed. To be presented via laptop, tablet, internet or touch screens. With the Touchway Presenter software you have always all materials and presentations at hand to present them yourself or to distribute them to your audience. The modular content structure reduces multiplication of content and preparation time per visit dramatically. The Presenter allows to create individual presentation layouts by selecting an existing standard layout and adapting it to the respective Corporate Design. In addition, individual navigations, functions and selected extension modules can be integrated to fit your needs. Producing an interactive presentation is much easier, as you might think. Just copy all contents into the Presenter and start the application - finished. To distribute the final presentation to the sales team and to customers there are many different web and network based solutions available. The Touchway kiosk software allows you to produce and manage attractive user interfaces and interactive presentations for any self-service information system or touch screen. With a fingertip, you integrate product presentations, eCommerce apps, client information or animated ads to be presented at trade shows and exhibitions, in customer areas, public spaces or points of sale.

Better Presentations in 4 Steps

  • Collect content and media. Create single content modules you can easily combine - instead of huge linear presentations in one piece. Less work load - more flexibility.
  • Put presentation together. Just copy your Powerpoints, PDF, images, videos and weblinks into the Presenter's data directory with proper order and naming. Nothing could be simpler.
  • Distribute and update automatically. From now on your sales team always presents the newest presentations instead of using old copies or own variations. Thanks to automatic distribution and updating.
  • Present online and offline. The Touchway Presenter can be used on PC or tablet, presented in web conferences and distributed on memory stick, as websites or download links.

Scheme of work

 Scheme of work