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Skybox Firewall Assurance (FA)

Skybox® Firewall Assurance provides comprehensive automation of firewall management tasks across different firewall vendors and complex rulesets. It simplifies compliance management, ensuring the state of your network is always in line with security policy design. And Firewall Assurance supports implementation of DISA STIGs and CIS benchmarks. Skybox also helps reduce risk on firewalls themselves, so they can better protect your assets. With config data, OS versions and powerful analytics, Firewall Assurance can spot vulnerabilities on firewall devices. Designed as a complete firewall life cycle management solution, Firewall Assurance empowers you to:
  • Analyze virtual and cloud–based firewalls to better control east–west or north–south traffic
  • Detect security and compliance problems using out–of–the–box or customized policies
  • Track changes for continuous firewall monitoring
  • Clean up and optimize firewall rules
  • Normalize firewall rulesets for a consistent view across multiple vendors
  • Identify security policy violations and platform vulnerabilities on your firewalls
  • Get change recommendations to fix overly permissive rules through syslog and ACL data analysis
  • Analyze how network traffic could flow through a firewall
  • Automate firewall management for traditional, next–gen, virtual and cloud–based firewalls
When you’re responsible for keeping your network secure and firewalls compliant and optimized, you need to see how firewall rules and configurations impact your attack surface. Powerful analytics deliver accurate insights on–demand, and automated end–to–end rule life cycle management ensures continuous control of your firewalls. Delivers Continuous Detection of Security Threats and Compliance Risks
  • Highlights access policy violations and provides root cause analysis
  • Identifies rule conflicts and misconfigurations
  • Identifies vulnerabilities on firewalls
  • Incorporates compliance metrics and configuration analysis
Supports Next-Generation Firewalls
  • Supports next-generation firewall access and rule compliance at the user and application level
  • Shows the relationship between IPS signatures and vulnerability occurrences on assets, helping admins configure IPS signatures correctly
Provides Comprehensive Visibility and Reporting
  • Gives fast insight to how firewall risks impact your attack surface
  • Shows the relation between firewalls and zones on an interactive map
  • Automates reporting for firewall ruleset audits
Keeps Firewalls Continuously Optimized
  • Imports, combines and normalizes firewall data automatically from multiple vendors
  • Automates rule recertification to streamline rulesets and ensure compliance
  • Continuously monitors firewalls to eliminate security gaps
  • Targets redundant, hidden and obsolete rules for cleanup and optimization
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Skybox Security Suite

The Skybox® Security Suite is a cyber risk management platform built to conquer security challenges in complex enterprise networks. By integrating with more than 120 networking and security technologies, the Suite gives exceptional and seamless visibility across physical IT, multi–cloud and OT networks. Our analytics and intelligence provide the context needed to bridge the gaps between point solutions, so security teams can fulfill the goals of vulnerability, threat, firewall and security policy management programs — even in the world’s largest organizations. TOTAL VISIBILITY See everything in your hybrid network in one view Skybox analyzes information from your organization’s assets and networks to provide a contextual understanding of your risk of cyberattack so you can proactively address that risk. Collecting data from a variety of sources, Skybox builds a model encompassing your:
  • Network topology (routers, load balancers, switches)
  • Security controls (firewalls, IPS, VPN)
  • Assets (servers, workstations, networks including traditional IT, multi–cloud and OT)
  • Vulnerabilities and threats
The model is regularly and automatically updated to reflect the actual state of your network. THREAT–CENTRIC VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT Stop chasing the wrong vulnerabilities Skybox takes a fundamentally different approach to vulnerability management. Using asset, network and threat context, we focus remediation on vulnerabilities most likely to be attacked: those with active exploits in the wild and exposed in your environment. Skybox analyzes multiple factors to prioritize remediation, including:
  • Vulnerability severity
  • Compliance
  • Age
  • Location
  • Exploitability
  • Prevalence (density)
  • Asset role
  • Asset value
  • Threats
  • Network topology
  • Security controls
SECURITY POLICY MANAGEMENT Automate and orchestrate across your entire network Skybox delivers automated tasks and workflows to simplify and centralize security policy management across traditional IT, multi–cloud and OT networks.
  • Create analytics–driven, automated processes that scale and adapt to a growing network
  • Ensure firewall rules and security policies enable reliable connectivity and continuous compliance — without exposing the organization to risky attack vectors
  • Streamline the creation of new firewall rules and efficiently manage rule recertification
  • Perform same–day audits and simplify reporting
The Suite includes 5 modules and Research Lab’s intelligence feed on a common platform. Modules can be licensed individually or together:
  • Skybox® Vulnerability Control
  • Skybox® Change Manager
  • Skybox® Firewall Assurance
  • Skybox® Network Assurance
  • Skybox® Horizon
  • Skybox® Research Lab
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Zia Networks Network Administration

Do you know everything that is happening in your company IT network right now? Can you be sure that you have the right security solutions in place, that firewalls and antivirus software are up to date, working properly and keeping malicious hackers at bay? Well if the answer is no, then it's time you call in the expert team at Zia Networks to help you set up and manage the IT network your company deserves. Our IT network specialists can boast an extensive range of business and project management skills as well as technical expertise which can be combined to help your company reach its full potential by ensuring you have an IT network that works for the way you do business. Whether you need to set up wireless access for greater employee flexibility, protect your customer database, plan for growth or simply streamline your office IT and applications, our staff will design and implement a network plan that sets you up for success. A consultation with one of our experienced professionals is the first step to a more efficient network. No matter your industry or the size of your business, we'll develop a customized plan that meets your needs. We offer Network Support in the following areas:
  • Cost-effective network design
  • Ongoing network maintenance
  • Help Desk services
  • Server installation and upgrades
  • Remote Access and VPN services
  • Mobile solutions
  • Fax and printer setup and support
  • Network and phone cabling
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