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Get a summary of key performance indicators GTmetrix's Report Page neatly summarizes your page performance based off key indicators of page load speed.
  • Analyze your page with Google PageSpeed and Yahoo! YSlow rulesets
  • Get your page's Page Load Time, Total Page Size and Total # of Requests
  • See your page's performance relative to the average of all sites analyzed on GTmetrix
Track performance with monitoring, graphs and alerts Keep track of page performance with scheduled monitoring and visualize it with interactive graphs. Set up alerts to notify you when your page performs poorly.
  • Monitor pages and run a test daily, weekly or monthly to ensure optimal performance
  • Visualize performance with 3 graphs available: Page Load Time, Page Size & Request Counts and PageSpeed and YSlow scores
  • Zoom, pan and set a date range to find specific performance history
  • Annotate areas of interest on your graph and give your data context
  • Set alerts with numerous conditions based on PageSpeed/YSlow scores, Page load time, Total Page size, etc
Test your page from multiple regions Analyze the page-load of your site from 28 servers in 7 different regions around the world. Analyze your page on an actual Android device GTmetrix passes your URL through an actual Android device to get real-world performance data on your page load (only available at our Vancouver region; monitoring & API access not available).
  • Get real-world mobile performance data - no emulation!
  • Optimize your site for mobile users and ensure a fast page load time on all devices
Simulate devices, change screen resolution and more with the Developer Toolkit PRO Bronze, Silver and Gold users get access to our Developer Toolkit, which provides even more advanced analysis options:
  • Simulate a device to approximate the display of websites on popular mobile devices like iPhones and iPads
  • Change the Screen Resolution to test your page's responsive layouts
  • Edit the User-Agent string or add a custom DNS for staging/development environments
  • Create Presets to quickly test with your frequently used options
  • Also available as an add-on to PRO Custom plans
Playback page loads with videos You can record your page loads and pinpoint exactly where bottlenecks or stoppages occur!
  • Slow your playback up to 4 times the original speed to determine loading issues
  • Jump to major page load milestones such as DNS resolved, First byte and DOM loaded
  • Combine with Monitored Alerts and save a video of the page load that triggered the alert (only available to GTmetrix PRO users)
  • View your page load in filmstrip view and get a frame-by-frame look at your page loading in real-time
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