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Blue Coat Systems Advanced Threat Protection

The Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection solution integrates technologies from the Blue Coat Security and Policy Enforcement Center and the Resolution Center. It delivers a comprehensive, integrated and modern approach to advanced persistent threats, advanced targeted attacks, advanced malware, unknown malware and zero-day threats through its Advanced Threat Protection Lifecycle Defense.

This defense is the first to integrate a business process view that aligns with how your security team operationalizes new intelligence and technologies to fortify your security infrastructure against future attacks.

The Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection Lifecycle Defense operates in three stages:

Detect and Protect for Ongoing Security Operations: The Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway and Blue Coat Content Analysis System with malware scanning engines, protect in real-time against known threats, malicious sources, and malware delivery networks. Contextual information about new threats is shared locally and globally via the Blue Coat global intelligence network in a continuous feedback loop that extends threat knowledge and protection effectiveness.

Analyze and Mitigate for Incident Containment: Unknown threats are escalated for incident containment using the Blue Coat Content Analysis System and Security Analytics Platform, which both use the Blue Coat Malware Analysis Appliance. As the behaviors and characteristics of unknown or advanced malware and zero-day threats are learned through automated analysis, that intelligence is shared across the security infrastructure, shifting protection to the gateway for a more scalable defense.

Investigate and Remediate for Incident Resolution: The Security Analytics Platform allows security incident escalation for retrospective analysis to enable threat profiling and incident resolution. Intelligence of the now-known threat is used to investigate and remediate the full scope of the attack, including other instances of the threat already on the network. The intelligence on the full scope of the attack is shared locally across the security infrastructure as well as globally across Blue Coat’s 15,000 customers and 75 million users to operationalize the new knowledge and fortify the security infrastructure.

The Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection solution is designed to integrate into your existing security infrastructure, including your IPS, NGFW, SIEM and malware sandbox solutions, allowing you to deploy a defense-in-depth approach that shares information to increase protection.

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