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Hideez Key (HK)

Hideez Key — Your Only Digital Key Hideez Key will become a daily companion to your computer, smartphone and tablet Forget having to type passwords for apps, websites and services. Hideez Key will do it for you while simply laying in your pocket. Your computer will ask for password if somebody tries accessing it while you are away and will wake automatically and log you in when you come back. You phone won’t ask for passcode anymore, yet it will be securely protected from a stranger. Hideez Key can also be used to open your home, garage and office doors as a single digital key using 125 kHz RFID frequency (Em-Marine and HID compatible). Store Your Passwords in Your Pocket Still spending time and effort to recall that important password? Hideez Key stores up to 1000 passwords for your social networks, emails, cloud services and applications. Just press the button on your Hideez Key or a hotkey on the keyboard of your computer to input your password automatically. Try it, it looks like magic! Enjoy Convenient and Reliable Internet-Security Have you considered that by using a ‘simple’ password for email, banking account or social network you are risking your money and relations with the other people? Hideez Key allows using complicated passwords of any preferred length, which are difficult to brute force. And the good news are that you don’t have to input these passwords from your keyboard all the time. Your passwords aren’t stored on your computer as well, so a hacker cannot intercept them from your phone, browser or a hard drive. You might also consider using your Hideez Key as a second factor in two-factor authentication and to generate one time passwords for various applications. Let Your Smartphone Remind You When You Are About to Lose Something Place your Hideez Key in your bag and your smartphone will notify you when the signal is about to fade away together with your belongings. Even if that happens, you will be able to quickly locate your Hideez Key (and the bag in which it is placed) on the digital map. Ready for the Internet of Things More connected devices are appearing every day. Hideez Key supports over the air updates and you will be able to easily integrate it with your future devices and services. Remote Activation Want to take a selfie with a friend or start recording a conversation without touching your smartphone? Just press the multifunctional button on your Hideez Key and it will do the rest. Need an urgent help? Program the multifunctional button on your Hideez Key as your panic button to activate alarm scenario on your smartphone. For example: your smartphone will send a message with your current location to several trusted contacts from your address book. You can program any other alarm scenario with your Hideez Key. Opening Doors and Locks Hideez Key comes equipped with an RFID module, so it can be used as your RFID token for a modern door equipped with an RFID lock. You can copy the RFID credentials to your Hideez Key from your existing RFID key or access card or ask your local access service provider to do this for you, or you can add your Hideez Key to the access registry on your smart lock. Key Features ● Identify users to information systems. ● Automatic locking/unlocking of the computer, tablet or smartphone. ● External hardware password manager with automated password input that works for applications as well as for websites. ● Theft alarm for valuables like wallet, purse or keychain. ● Remote control for an user computer or smartphone using device button. ● More useful features to be delivered wirelessly via over the air updates. The use of Hideez Key reduces human factor influence on Enterprise information security field. In particular: ● To solve weak password problem ● Employees don’t have to remember passwords. ● Automatically lock PCs or apps when an user is away. ● To turn on 2FA on public or corporate resources without complicating the routine users work. ● To provide Two-hardware factor authentication for users. To authorize, the user need two devices: his/her PC and the Hideez Key. An appropriate control service Hideez Enterprise Server features: ● Eliminates control traffic between Hideez Keys and extranet. All the traffic routes are inside an enterprise perimeter. ● Basic LDAP integration (e.g Active Directory) ● End-to-end encrypted information channel between the control server and Hideez Key keyfobs. Nobody can intercept user passwords. ● Administrator can change, add and delete credentials in users keyfobs remotely. ● Strong passwords and with the limited expiration term without user inconvenience. ● Strong authorization by changing passwords to keys, which are unknown for users. Minimum system requirements Bluetooth 4.0, Windows 7 (an additional USB Bluetooth adapter is needed), Windows 8.1 +, MacOS 10,11+, Android 4.4 or newer, iOS 9.3+. Specifications Model: Hideez Key 1 (ST 101) Processor: Nordic nRF51822 RFID Module: ATMEL T5577 RFID Standards: eM-Marin and HID on 125 kHz Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 and higher Power: CR2032 battery, up to 6 months in active mode. User memory: 74 Kb LED Indicators: red and green Buttons: 1 multi-functional button Color: black Weight: 9 grams (package weight is 44 grams) Dimensions: 32,5 x 32,5 x 9 mm Warranty: 12 months What Is In the Box? ● Hideez Key ● Quick Start Manual ● Keychain ● CR2032 battery (installed inside your Hideez Key) ● Spare CR2032 battery ● Hideez Safe application for Windows and Android is available for free from
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