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BASquare Software Development

BASQUARE consists of Agile teams with more than 10 years' experience in IT. You have an IT idea? Let’s make it a reality! You experience process-automatization issues. It’s time to take action! For our customers we build iOS, Android applications, WEB portals and Desktop apps. Dedicated to give life to your ideas, BASQUARE is your perfect IT development partner. We'll help you to move your project from startup to enterprise level. OUR SERVICES: Big Data Building analytics systems for processing terabytes of data into information that drives effective decision-making. UI/UX Design Designing intuitive and elegant user interfaces for all types of digital products. Internet of Things Building software solutions for IoT devices and services. Make ordinary things smarter! DevOps engineering Improving collaboration between development and operation teams to move deployment pace to a faster rhythm. Quality Assurance Assure that software works absolutely in the way users want. Crisis Management Taking over the project in crisis and bringing it to success in the shortest time. TECHNOLOGY: Web Access your database from anywhere /JavaScript, Angular2, HTML5, CSS3/ Servers Store and process data in a safe place with easy maintenance / ASP.NET, NodeJS, Python, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB / M&D Have all necessary features close at hand on mobile and desktop platforms /ObjectiveC, Swift, Java, C++, C#, iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows/ IoT Keep all your devices under control wherever you are / Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Ibeacon, BLE, WiFi/
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