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AnvilEight Software Development

We provide outsourcing development services using Python & Swift and Java to develop web and mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Python&Django Our main expertise for web development is Python language and related frameworks:
  • Django. Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
  • Flask. Web framework that gives developers the opportunity to build scalable, extensible, and fast applications quickly.
  • Angular.js&React.js. Open-source JS-framework is designed for single-page application development.
  • MySQL&PostgreSQL&MongoDB&Redis. Database management systems.
iOS&Android We create mobile applications for iOS & Android using these technologies:
  • Swift - programming language for iOS development
  • Java - programming language for Android development
  • Objective-C - programming language for iOS development
  • Spring frameworkApple's Cocoa&Cocoa Touch frameworks
  • OrmLite&Realm frameworks, etc.
Technologies used in AnvilEight Although, our main expertise is Python language and related frameworks, we heavily use other technologies. We do lots of mobile developments with cutting edge frameworks and languages. We focus on certain technologies that can benefit us the most and master them to perfection. Web and Backend We use Python with primarily Django to build web applications as well as APIs for mobile apps. We also work with data analysis and data mining.
  • Python language
  • Django, Flask
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Celery with RabbitMQ
  • Django Rest Framework
  • Django CMS
  • Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Heroku
  • Jenkins,Travis
  • GitHub, GitLab
  • React, Angular
Mobile for iOS and Android Our engineers are specialized on creating native mobile applications. We aim to deliver best performance and user experience.
  • Swift, Java
  • Cocoa, Spring
  • Core Data
  • Realm ORM, GreenDAO, OrmLite
  • Various SDKs such as Facebook, Twitter, Google
  • Paypal, Stripe integrations
  • Working with iBeacon
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