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Codevog Software Development

First of all, we love information technology. Solid expertise and in-depth understanding of the technology domain are the fundamental parts of our company's success. Before incorporating, we gained extensive experience in long-time partnership, management and cutting edge informational technologies as sole proprietors, IT consultants, and professionals. We fully appreciate the importance of customer service, communication and visibility, and built Codevog on these core values. Drawing upon our extensive experience working with multicultural customers and IT specialists, we assembled a dedicated and trusted team of professionals who share the same values, are totally committed to clients' success, and work hard to deliver the experience of excellence to them. For many years our specialists have been architecting and building software products and gained the experience that now positions Codevog to exceed client expectations. Members of the core team have been in IT industry for more than 16 years, and most of have been working together for years now. SERVICES: With extensive multi-platform capabilities, covering the most of the popular programming languages and frameworks, our aim is to provide "all-in-one" place for our clients. We provide support, specialized software, and pre/post assistance directly to our customers enabling them to focus on their core markets while still being able to provide high levels of service to their customers. While we cover a wide range of development themes and topic areas, our areas of expertise are around: dynamic web, complex multi-platform projects, mobile integration, web services and SaaS platforms, NoSQL databases, vendor-independent solutions, and Open Source. We also:
  • Develop tools and add-ons around frameworks and technologies we are using.
  • Work with partners to produce tailor-made research products which aim to support more effective development practices.
  • Design and support the models of effective knowledge mobilization strategies
  • Build and support systems which enable innovative approaches and collaboration around the common and specific business practices.
Our outsourcing services help our clients get the best of both the virtual captive offshoring and third-party outsourcing models. It is a win-win proposition for the client as they need not worry about operational issues which are taken care of by Codevog. Outsourcing services provided via three robust and flexible engagement models. Each model fits for a specific set of customer's needs and related to characteristics of the concrete project, its size, budget, scope completeness, readiness of the client to handle project management etc. We will listen to you and recommend the most convent model to receive the best results and experience. We can fully take over development and maintenance of the project, provide you with on-demand services and technical support or we can help you staff a dedicated offshore development team in Ukraine. In that case the client maintains full control over the dedicated team, and we additionally provide supervision of the team for greater efficiency. We aim to create a team that becomes a seamless virtual extension to the Client’s in-house staff. This includes:
  • Setting up an appropriate work environment and technical infrastructure for the team.
  • Recruiting developers based on your specific needs.
  • Providing high-level supervision of personnel.
  • Performing HR functions.
  • Providing operational management, network administration, and IT support.
  • Resolving legal and accounting issues in compliance with our local law and tax regulation.
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