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PragmaticDLT Software Development

PragmaticDLT is an innovative software development company with a focus on product development. Partnership with our clients is our engagement philosophy.

Service offering

1. Solution discovery session (3-5 days)

A set of intense sessions to draft out the architecture of the future solution, outline the main hypothesis and risks, and develop the first version of solution development roadmap. One may need this when there is the vision of the solution and a need to clarify technical scope, limitations, and plan for the project.

2. Proof of concept development (2-4 weeks)

The phase of iterative research and development, focused on the validation of hypothesis and assumptions to clarify the solution project plan. One may need it when there is a clear technical picture outlined, though there are hypothesis and assumptions that brings too much variability in plans.

3. Minimum viable product (3-4 month)

The SWAT team, escorting your project, develops a minimum viable product. One may need it when there is a clear picture of the project outlined, and there is a need for a viable product to be published promptly.

4. Iterative Development

The SWAT Team sets up the Client's development team, gradually transferring the knowledge from the prior phases. One may need it when there is a lack of DLT/Blockchain expertise and one need to start developing quickly.

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