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Zhuko.Net Software Development

We are an IT Recruiting Agency. Each team member in our company is striving not just to fill the position, but:
  1. to find an employee that will perfectly match your team
  2. to find the best opportunity for the candidate.
Tell us what you need and we will take care of the whole recruitment cycle. The recruitment process is difficult. We will make it faster and easier for you! When IT companies don`t have their own recruitment department and they need new employees with a specific set of skills we are here to help. How are we different from other recruiting agencies?
  1. Our company was started by a programmer who has a complete understanding of both sides of the process.
  2. We only find employees in the IT industry. It helps us understand your needs much better than anyone else.
Ukraine is reaching with talented and high-quality programmers. We are working worldwide. We have filled the most complex local, remote and relocation positions.
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