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OCRex AutoEntry

AutoEntry automates the secure and accurate data entry of bank and credit card statements, bills, invoices, expenses, receipts and more into accounting software, providing users with substantial time and cost savings. Benefits: Save time No more manually inputting invoices, receipts, expenses or statements. AutoEntry extracts the data you need and publishes to your accountancy package. Paperless With data stored securely in the cloud, there's no need to store, file, print and copy paper documents anymore. Integrations Seamless automatic publishing of verified data into your accounts software. Mobile App Submit invoices, receipts and expenses on-the-go via our mobile app for iOS and Android devices. How it works?
  1. Capture and submit documents. Forward emails from suppliers, snap receipts on our mobile app or scan and upload to the website.
  2. Accurate, automated data extraction. Data is processed and verified before applying remembered Supplier, Tax Code and Category rules.
  3. Seamless integrations. Our add-ons ensure the simplest possible publishing to the widest range of cloud and desktop accountancy packages.
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