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Aperio Solution

Aperio's solution ensures Sensor Data Integrity for critical infrastructures and large-scale Industrial facilities. Using sophisticated machine-learning algorithms that learn the characteristics of each individual sensor signal, Aperio dynamically detects in real-time malicious sensor data manipulation and faulty or misconfigured sensors. Aperio seamlessly integrates into existing systems with minimal setup and works alongside OSIsoft and other industry-standard vendors. Aperio is the only technology with the credible capability of preventing a large scale, destructive cyber-attack after attackers have gained access to the OT network. In recent years, attackers have successfully breached critical infrastructure networks numerous times and it is safe to assume that such incidents will increase dramatically in the coming years. Aperio adds a powerful layer of security to industrial systems. Once deployed, it connects to all the sensors in a SCADA environment and in a short time, is able to detect even the most subtle data anomalies. If these anomalies are not addressed in a timely manner, they have the potential to cause loss of life and catastrophic damage.
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