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Xabyss NetArgos

NetArgos is the world’s first Cyber Security Blackbox. It uses optimized packet storage technology to extend network recording time dramatically and minimizes network security blind spots through periodic retroactive security analysis. NetArgos also provides optimized security policies with existing security devices. NetArgos is capable of responding to security blind spot which is caused due to Operational and Temporal security blind spot, by providing of longer term storage and RSC (Retroactive Security Check) capabilities which today’s traditional devices are not able offer. What it can do? Network Recording in Real-Time
  • Max 20 Gbps
  • Creates Real-Time network meta data: Flow and Session
  • Extract variable length session firs N packets by application
Optimized Data Storage
  • Different N values for different applications: 0 - MAX
  • Based on Packet count or Packet size
  • Standart format and External export
Security Blank Analysis
  • Security blind spot detection and elimination by periodic retroactive security analysis
  • Convenient security blind spot information analysis provided by automated smart report
  • Optimized network security policy
Network Problem Analysis
  • Time and 5-tuple based information search
  • Drill-down search in station,flow, packet order
  • Extract and transfer the searched network information
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