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Ionic Security Ionic Machina

As the unified service layer for managing and enforcing data access policy, Machina makes it easy to address complex use cases that persistently undermine data security and stifle innovation, without requiring changes to applications or underlying databases.
  • Machina enables access policy to be defined and managed seamlessly at the data level, so that it can be automatically enforced when data is shared or used across multiple applications
  • Machina provides a single place where ABAC-based policy can be defined and managed across individuals or groups, so it’s easy to authorize access for certain users, while restricting access for others
  • Machina enables access policy to be applied at a granular data level, making it simple to give users access to one type of data but not another, even within the same application
  • As an attribute-based solution, Machina minimizes the effort required to apply or change access policy across large groups of users, based on geography, department, organizational role, or other criteria
  • With Machina, data owners can quickly revoke access to individuals, groups, or entire organizations, and that restriction will be instantly applied across all use cases where that data is accessed
  • Because Machina policy is defined in a single location and applied at the data level, emerging layers of policy requirements (e.g. GDPR or CCPA) can be quickly deployed across applications, resources, and identities
Features: Machina Policy A framework for storing and retrieving rich, contextual data access policies leveraging attribute-based access control (ABAC) – federated across identities, resources, data stores, applications, and workloads. Machina Decision An API-driven service layer that enables just-in-time enforcement of data access policies – by evaluating user, device, service, environment, and data attributes, to determine whether to allow or deny the request. Machina Attributes Intelligent system that couples a rich set of user, device, service, and data attributes with automated machine-scale key management - independent of applications, scalable to trillions of keys, and fully controlled by your organization. Machina Console An interface providing configuration, auditing, and analytics capabilities for policies, as well as comprehensive, real-time visibility into how users are accessing and handling sensitive data, over the lifetime of every data element. Machina Tools A robust set of developer tools (SDKs and APIs) provides easy-to-use integration between Machina data protection services and their diverse applications, enabled with only a few lines of code.
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