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Knightscope K5

The Knightscope K5 is primarily an outdoor machine which runs 24/7 on its own including autonomously recharging itself without any human intervention. It is best suited for securing large outdoor spaces. Working together with human eyes, you’ll be better equipped to keep areas such as parking lots, corporate campuses and hospitals safe autonomously. Features: 360 Degree HD Video Streaming The K5 was able to provide eye-level high definition video of the entire incident, providing the key necessary information in a timely manner, transmitted the information to law enforcement, which was received in time to arrest the suspect. People Detection Perhaps at your sensitive facility, there literally should be no humans during certain times of the day, say 10pm - 5am. The K5 can be on the lookout for any people during those times and proactively make pre-recorded announcements to deter negative behavior. Automatic License Plate Recognition Utilizing the KSOC, clients can whitelist or blacklist license plates depending on the needs of your location. The user can also automatically check for dwell times of plates (i.e., a parking meter) to deter overnight parking or assist with BOLOs (Be On The Lookout). Thermal Anomaly Detection
  • Early Detection of Potential Fire Threat
  • Unauthorized Individuals in Restricted Areas
  • Suspicious Persons After Hours
  • Running Vehicles
  • Positive Identification Capture
Automatic Signal Detection Combining this capability with Automatic License Plate Recognition as well as BOLO mug shot upload capabilities allows for unprecedented new capabilities in deterring unwanted behavior at your location. Two-Way Intercom A Two-Way Intercom (human-to-human voice interaction) call can be initiated either by the KSOC user or a human presses the button on a machine. The button press can be configured to call a certain number to further assist your security team. Live Audio Broadcast Live Audio Broadcast, similar to public address system, allows a KSOC user to throw their voice through a machine or machines providing new alerting capabilities. Pre-recorded Broadcast Messages Pre-Recorded Messages may be played manually by the KSOC user or set automatically to play randomly, by time, by location or by detection, further automating visitor, patron, or employee engagement.
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