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360° SAP Security powered by SIEM

agileSI is an award winning, industry-grade solution for continuous monitoring of SAP security events, parameter checks, change detection of critical settings, transaction manipulation and automated response. agileSI is much more than just another tool or SAP plugin. It brings with it a whole new way to manage and monitor SAP® in all of its aspects, while taking care of security. Continuously monitoring basically any stats you desire, it’s a one-for-all solution to give you insight into what’s going on in your engine room, without digging through tons of data and interfaces yourself. And it makes audit preparation and reporting a breeze. agileSI is based on a three-tier architecture model with a collection, administration and analysis layer, respectively. Analyzing the data is achieved by using the agileSI content package for SIEM. This contains an extended Security Analytics Pack which provides the categorization of events and a large set of predefined SAP-specific event correlations for different security domains. It also handles the evaluation of criticality, as well as the visualization & notification and delivers alerting rules and reports.

The added value is a SAP-specific Security Intelligence Package for SIEM. The product approach does not fall back to another isolated solution, but pursues the holistic strategy of establishing security event management at a central point in the company: in the SOC, on the basis of next generation SIEM & Log Management solutions that are planned or already being used in all security-conscious organizations.

Solution offers:

  • The SAP-SIEM-integration. agileSI provides a broad set of SAP Extractors, feeding different kind of SAP data, such as database  data,  system  settings,  logs  and  events  from  various SAP security sources into SIEM. The framework and its extractors are highly flexible and  configurable,  to  meet  exactly  the  customers‘ needs. The integration of SAP data into SIEM provides transparency to many stakeholders.
  • Domain. agileSI is used for supervision of security-critical activity & events, access control checks and monitoring of audit-relevant information, compliance of system settings and authorizations, as well as SAP Operations support and the monitoring of dedicated SAP business application data & transactions.
  • SAP Operations. Integration of SAP Basis near information and events will facilitate SAP Basis processes  and  remediation  cycles,  raising  efficiency at work and providing ad-hoc reports of system metrics data.
  • Any SAP Data. Get  any  SAP  data  with  the  help  of  flexible   and   configurable   agileSI data  extractors,  create  any  customer  use  case  and  integrate  any  customer’s  SAP-based applications.
  • SAP Security Log Management & Monitoring. agileSI  Extractors  retrieve  all  kinds  of  security-relevant  information  of  SAP NW ABAP based SAP systems.The  included  content  package  adds  SAP Security Intelligence to SIEM.
  • Ready-to-use. Ready-to-use with a predefined set of use cases – the agileSI configuration frontend is developed in Web Dynpro ABAP. The key benefit is the powerful and ready-to-use content of predefined uses cases, that makes agileSI a real product, rather than a tool only with high customer site implementation and customization effort. The use cases can be maintained, customized or created newly using the agileSI configuration frontend.
  • Guidelines. Implemented DSAG audit guidelines, SAP Security Guidelines and information, as well as practical-proven SAP Security specialists and auditors know-how are transferred into use cases, implemented in agileSI SAP and SIEM components.


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