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Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Software Platform

Key organizational risks can have a dramatic financial and reputational effect on an organization. To ensure compliance and proper risk management, companies need to review enterprise-wide business processes on a regular basis, assess current and potential risks, and design procedures or controls to mitigate those risks. This can help prevent related operational losses and fines for regulatory violations, reduce the costs and burden of compliance, and guard against potential reputational damage. And, using one common risk taxonomy and risk language company-wide can help the business units focus on their primary functions and enables Internal Audit to use the same language across all business units while maintaining its inherent independence.

The BWise  GRC Platform

The software platform enables customers to stay in control of all financial and reputational risks. BWise offers:
  • Role-based solutions for Risk Management, Internal Control, Internal Audit, Compliance and Policy Management and Information Security.
  • Support for the end-to-end workflows of a given role and is seamlessly integrated with the others.
  • One integrated system with common risk taxonomy focused on business objectives, with a common language for internal audit, risk, and compliance from which each department can work.

Take Fact-based Decisions to a New Level with Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Auditing Integrated into the GRC Platform

Data analytics technologies such as Continuous Monitoring (CM) and Continuous Auditing (CA) enable data from multiple systems and databases to be collected and analyzed automatically. This reduces the manual work required and increases efficiency, scoping, and accuracy by analyzing full data sets rather than mere samples.

The Benefits of Using  the BWise Solution

On average, companies spend approximately five percent of their revenue on risk management and compliance-related processes and systems. By standardizing and using improved business processes, you can dramatically reduce these costs including those associated with non-compliance. With its experience and technology, the BWise GRC Platform immediately impacts the bottom line. BWISE SIMPLIFIES EXTERNAL AUDITS Company collaborates actively with all of the major international audit firms. The BWise solution will help improve reporting quality and ensure that the fiscal year-end closing is conducted efficiently and quickly. BWISE SUPPORTS AN INTEGRATED APPROACH By coordinating organizational strategies and processes, along with the necessary employees, departments, and technology, BWise offers an integrated GRC platform that increases transparency and promotes ethical conduct. BWISE REDUCES “IT” COSTS BWise regularly updates their software and release versions for the benefit of all our clients. Solutions are architected so that they are configurable and guaranteed upgradable. This plus the benefits of risk and reputation management and compliance assurance ultimately provide a lower total cost of ownership. BWISE HAS THE EXPERTISE BWise has been dedicated to providing dependable, proven GRC solutions to companies in all industries for more than 20 years. They employ a broad range of best practice applications that are continually updated, tested and enhanced. In addition, this solutions have been lauded by independent technology analysts and valued by customers worldwide. BWISE IS FLEXIBLE AND GLOBAL Depending on an organization’s specific requirements, the BWise solution can be rolled out internationally, adapted to comply with local regulations, or work in multiple languages. Highly-experienced team can help clients start implementing a GRC initiative now – and provide for more extensive GRC practices in the future by activating additional capabilities in the installed solution.

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