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Allgress Systems Platform

Absolutely everything you’d ever need to manage your risk and compliance The Allgress Insight Risk Management Suite is an integrated platform which utilizes advanced visualization, automation, streamlined workflows, and the integration of existing data feeds, to reduce the complexity and cost of risk management. Allgress’ Modular approach allows you to utilize the same easy-to-use workflow throughout the application to receive a holistic, meaningful overview of your entire environment. Fortune 500 risk management, without the fortune Elevate your governance, risk and compliance management program, without the cost and complexity. Allgress enables you to move from a passive to a proactive approach to GRC, with speed and ease. When world-class technology meets usability, everything jives. Features
  • Investigate & Mobilize – Track and respond to security threats impacting your company’s critical infrastructure with centralized management, root cause analysis, reporting, and tracking.
  • Collect & analyze - Visualize data in the way you need to see it so you can make key decisions that align security and regulatory compliance programs with top business priorities. Manage patch exceptions, and understand the impact of your organizations exposure of unpatched assets.
  • Communicate Strategically – Increase your risk evaluation effciency, quickly communicate risk posture to key stakeholders, and make effective security, compliance and risk management decisions based on actionable information.
  • Assess Risk Efficiently – Assess your security controls against industry standards, identify gaps, create risk treatment plans, track remediation activity, and continuously monitor your security state.
  • Stay Organized – Unify and disseminate your organization’s document library from a centralized platform. Quickly assess your gaps in policy, mange your document lifecycle and exceptions.
  • Oversee – Gain visibility into your vendor’s risk posture and compliance to make informed decisions about the business relationship of your contracted vendors.
  • Track Risk – Track strategic risks, assign ownership across the enterprise, quickly and easily communicate your risk posture through dashboards, and provide continuous monitoring and improvement of your organization’s risk posture.
  • Document & Track – Document and track risk exceptions with full life-cycle management by providing a standardized approach for the review, management, and acceptance of Findings and Exceptions.
  • Improve Visibility – Manage your internal audit program, and improve visibility of your organization's governance, risk management and compliance program by evaluating, analyzing and assessing the effectiveness of your data and business processes.
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