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UpLead Platform

Prospector Find laser-focused contact & company leads easily Searching through over 46 million profiles is easy. Simply tailor your search using over 50 filters to find leads that match your ideal profile. Then access their profile to find their direct contact information and engage in seconds.
  • Rich Profiles
  • Over 46MM Contacts
  • Advanced Filters
  • Technographics
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Real Time Verification
  • CRM Integration
  • Bulk Downloads
  • Quick Search
Data Enrichment Enrich your database to fill missing details Do you already have your database? Upload it to UpLead and enhance it by appending 50+ fields of detailed contact information in seconds.
  • 50+ Data Points
  • Bulk Processing
  • Real Time Verification
Email Finder Use UpLead to find email addresses in seconds An advanced email finding tool that lets you connect with the key decision-makers that matter to you
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Real Time Verification
  • Simple & Easy
Chrome Extension Obtain valuable data as you browse the web. UpLead’s chrome extension is an easy way to find B2B company and contact information in seconds.
  • Browsing Social Networks
  • Browsing Websites
  • Technographic Data
API Looking for something custom? Connect with our powerful API. The UpLead API provides company and contact data to help grow your business.
  • Company API
  • Person API
  • Combined API
  • Prospector API
  • Company Logo API
  • Company Name to Domain API
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The ROI4CIO Product Catalog is a database of business software, hardware, and IT services. Using filters, select IT products by category, supplier or vendor, business tasks, problems, availability of ROI calculator or price calculator. Find the right business solutions by using a neural network search based on the results of deployment products in other companies.