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Features: Technographic Insights The technologies that companies invest in and the software products they use speak volumes about their priorities, challenges, objectives, and plans. Slintel’s technographics-powered buying intent platform allows you to determine who’s about to start looking for a product like yours in the marketplace today. Tracking purchases, predicting renewal dates, and following customer movements over time has never been simpler. Lead Enrichment Slintel’s lead discovery and enrichment allows you to find deep, high-quality information of over 80 million contacts from a unified lead generation platform. With an ever-growing database of key decision-makers across the globe, Slintel is the world’s leading provider of contacts and prospect information. You’ll never have to worry about your sales pipeline drying up ever again. Propensity Scores Get tailor-made lead recommendations from our database of over 17 million companies with information about key decision-makers, their tech-stacks, and historical growth. Reach out to people who are on the lookout for a product like yours and show them why you’re better than the rest before your competitors finish drafting their outreach emails. Company Insights Gain access to growth metrics, financials, funding information, budgetary cycles, and technology usage information of your target companies using Slintel. We collect and maintain information of over 55 attributes for more than 17 million companies across the globe to make sure you never miss the mark. May it be marketing campaigns or lead outreach, we’re here to make the path to hitting your targets a lot less rocky. Identify potential buyers in your market: Competitor Intelligence
  • Market Share
  • New/Expiring Contracts
Buyers personas
  • Contact Information
  • Detailed Profiles
Buying Patterns
  • Technology Stacks
  • Upcoming Renewals
Market Intelligence
  • Funding and Financial Alerts
  • Keyword Tracking
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The ROI4CIO Product Catalog is a database of business software, hardware, and IT services. Using filters, select IT products by category, supplier or vendor, business tasks, problems, availability of ROI calculator or price calculator. Find the right business solutions by using a neural network search based on the results of deployment products in other companies.