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The main advantage of 2Event over hundreds of regular ticket sites is its all-in-one service, where you get 100+ useful features from one source. The platform contains the main functions for organizing events: registration of visitors, tickets, schedule, speaker schedule, networking (list of visitors, appointment of meetings), search for fellow travelers (people who go to the event and are coordinated with each other), polls and voting, Twitter Wall , badges with QR, push-mailing.

Basic functionality
  • Landing Page for your event: get a ready-made "landing page"
  • Simple registration of visitors via mail or social networks
  • Purchase tickets directly from your smartphone, with a minimum commission of 2.5%
  • Ticket and face scanners in smartphone: put an unlimited number of volunteers at the entrance with regular smartphones for control
  • Schedule and questions to speakers on the user's phone. In addition to interactivity, this is also saving on printing
  • Push notifications: send instant messages to your guests' smartphones with information about schedule changes, promotions or announcements of your next events
  • Polls, polls and contests, QR quests: get feedback, hold contests and sweepstakes from partners, engage your audience
  • Badges with QR: create your own ticket / badge design and use at your events
  • Analytics: get access to full event statistics 24/7, connect Google Ads and track conversions

  • List of visitors in the application and on the website. It can be seen who else will go to the event
  • Meetings: scheduling and scheduling meetings between event attendees
  • Correspondence between event participants: private and general chats, the ability to ask questions to speakers
  • Chat for the projector (Twitter Wall): a large screen on the wall, where posts of event visitors and all posts from social networks with the # hashtag of your event are broadcast in real time. Twitter Wall is one of the visitor attention centers and additional advertising space for sponsors

Advanced networking
  • Fellow travelers by car / taxi: visitors create groups by car / taxi or join existing ones to save money and get more time for communication
  • Travel Companions Between Cities: Scan your transport ticket and find out who else is someone from your city traveling to the same event in your carriage. This way you will find fellow travelers and meet like-minded people on the road.
  • Search for roommates among event participants: reduce living expenses, meet visitors from other cities and spend the night with them
  • Geolocation: look at the location of the event participants on the map. An indispensable feature if you are in an unfamiliar city
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