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ROI4CIO Review platform

ROI4CIO is a unique cooperation platform for IT-vendors, suppliers, distributors, resellers, users.

ROI4CIO is a salestools for Vendors and marketplace for Users. ROI4CIO is a platform designed to support interaction among IT market players and sourcing of IT products, partners, contractors and customers. ROI4CIO customizes IT products for clients based on neural network, automatically calculates pricing and configuration, projects ROI, and supports sending requests to all suppliers of a solution. IT vendors (distributors, resellers, developers) get new clients, close deals faster, cut costs and expand partnerships.

The main idea of ROI4CIO is to reduce costs of IT-market participants for searching partners and to create all the necessary interaction tools in the sales chain.


  • Foster competitiveness and security
  • Find the effective IT product based on individual business objectives and pain points
  • Compare IT-products by characteristics
  • Estimate IT products cost
  • Calculate ROI, NPV, IRR, PP
  • Request proposals on IT products
  • Get Rebate for Reference


  • Lead Generation
  • Close Deals Down Quicker
  • Fosters competitiveness
  • Reduces HQ workload
  • Optimization for Sales managers
  • Streamlined Sales and reduce costs
  • Expand partnerships and foot print
  • Receive more references

ROI4CIO has been started with the founder Paul Zhdanovych question: "What are the benefits of IT technologies? How to see the benefits of information technologies before an deployment?". Starting with the catalog of IT-products, deployments, suppliers and vendors, ROI4CIO has become a B2B IT-sales automator. ROI4CIO has automated the price and quoting calculation, requests for proposals or consultations. Later, it became possible to attach an individual price specifications to the proposal request. The ROI calculator has been improved. For the initially central function of the project - a selection of solutions - a neural network algorithm has been developed.

ROI4CIO is a unique online channel for partner sales for vendors, distributors, and suppliers. It is the only resource on the IT market that collects information about all IT market from the market experts. Technical support and consultations of the users are carried out online.

ROI4CIO team is 16 people: project managers, programmers, testers, designers, science math analyst. Experience of team members in IT projects from 5 to 25 years.

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Roi4Presenter is an application for interactive online presentations with which you can make multiple presentations at the same time without personal presence. The presenter just needs to send the listener a link by which the presentation will be available in the recording at any time. The presenter will receive a notification when the listener starts watching, he can connect, continue to control the presentation and start a live conversation.

You can highlight only the most important thing in the presentation, and show the main content in 2-3 minutes in a special 'pitch' mode.

Engage your audience, improve your presentations and save time!

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The ROI4CIO Product Catalog is a database of business software, hardware, and IT services. Using filters, select IT products by category, supplier or vendor, business tasks, problems, availability of ROI calculator or price calculator. Find the right business solutions by using a neural network search based on the results of deployment products in other companies.